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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lookie what we have!!!

This is my hubby with all three pugs. Wrinkles is laying on the other side of the bed and little Sadie (black) is laying near Dewey! Our new guy, Napolian is standing. Napolian (I call Polo for short) is a very sweet friendly guy who loves attention. We are happy to say he and Wrinkles chase each other all over the house and yard which I'm sure will help Wrinkles lose some weight!!! How we got this gorgeous pug for free is a rather sad story for he was destine for the pound. A husband and wife decided to divorce, husband was sent back to Iraq leaving his beloved pug, Napolian behind. Wife didn't really like this little dog for she had her own BIG she decided since the were getting a divorce she's just get ride of him. Now mind ya they had this little guy for 5 yrs. Our SIL works with the wife so told us about the dog...we went over to see him and took him home that very night. We talked it over and decided even tho we've already bonded with Polo and love him we will give him back to his owner if he wants him back when he comes back from the war. It's only right that he should have him don't y0u think?? I know it will be hard when and if the time comes, but we know how we would feel if it were us over, he doesn't even know she got rid of him!!! Sad isn't it???
We will take care of him and enjoy what time we do have!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

In the moment folk illustration art

Just look at Heavenleighart's awesome art!!! I've loved Julie-Ann's art and have enjoyed her growth along the way....this is one of my favorites so had to share it with those who may not have had the pleasure of seeing it...

Friday, September 11, 2009

My daughter April turns 35 tomorrow!

Well one of my daughters is having a Birthday tomorrow, and there was one thing she really wanted from me. I'd painting a seascape that my sister Mary loved so I sent it to her....later I found out that April wanted it too. Yes, I painted a new one just for her!!! I posted it in FB so she would find it...I'm so happy she did for it was exciting to here her reply!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What an awesome day!!!

Today is much like yesterday, cool, low humitity, breezy and a glimpse of days to come! I am so thankful for being in an area where you can see all the seasons~ I can sit out on the deck and create paintings with all God's glory around me...the trees starting to fall and the sun shining down on me unlike any other light!!! Oh and the birds just singing their hearts out as I what joy this brings to my soul!!! As I take in all that beauty as my lungs take in the clear, clean and crisp air I'm reminded that I have been so totally blessed. Not with worldly things, far from it...but with the knowledge that God loves me as much as he does all of you...isn't that just the most awesome fact??? I was sitting here thinking I would like to share some of the paintings I've do lately...perhaps even some of the chunky book pages I've become so enamired with.(sp) hehehee!!! so here they are...just remember I pray that you all have a wonderful day, and if I haven't stopped by your blogs lately...I will!!

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