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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The past 2 weeks.

Boy I have to tell you the past couple weeks have been a real trial for me...I guess I sh9uld include my dh because he's had to live with me thru it all. hehehe!! We decided to remodel this puter/studio room a couple weeks ago, so I closed my puter down and we cleared out everything...I was having some pain in my back for a couple days so Dewey suggested I just stay back and let him do all the moving and then taking up the old carpet. Those of you who deal with Chronic Pain or medical issues know what it's like to have to stand by while someone else does most of the work...I hate it actually. We decided to put tile down as it's easier to clean...that done, we found we had more than enough to do the walls with the same paneling we'd used in the living and dining rooms. Oh but it's pretty, but no battery for my camera so will have to wait to upload a photo or two. Sunday the day he was finishing up the paneling my back was causing so much pain I couldn't get up from a chair...walk to the bathroom or do off to the ER we went. After sitting in a room for over an hr the dr finally came in. After an exam he told me I was having the worst case of Sciatica he'd ever seen...He promply suggested I stay in the hospital till we could schedule an OPEN MRI as I"m terrible not having that, so to the drugstore we went to get 3 perscriptions filled. My dh went in a waited for them..Predisone pack (am allergy to all nsaids) percocets for pain...Flexeral for the muscles. So as soon as I started those I started to have some relief...but the symptomes are still with me after 2 fact I have a feeling that there's a very tight band around my body from under the arms to my butt. I've called and called asking for the Neurologist that was supposed to read my one is calling back...I'm afraid I'm going to have to re-visit the ER if they don't soon do something. I believe drs are just too darned busy that they can't keep up...grrrrr

Just wanted you all to know why I hadn't been around to visit your wonderful blogs...oh and also I just got back online cuz my puter was full of virises and had to go to the PC when I finally got it back this morning I found over 800 messages to I deleted most of them..hehehhe~~

Ok on a serious note, I'd like you all to continue to pray for my daughter, Missy because the last couple days she's had some really severe swelling in her legs and feet...I'd posted before that she was born with a rare muscle disease one that they really didn't know much about 30 some years ago therefore she was never given a prognosis. We were aware that her heart was affected since the disease affects any striated muscles. She's seen her Cardiologist today who has put her one two heart meds and a water pill. If this doesn't help they will have to put in a PaCEMAKER. She's only 33 yrs old. She's on disability but has been working the allowed hrs to be able to keep up her car payment. This may not be an option what you all do best...Pray the God continues to hold her you all...Blessings~~~

Sunday, April 4, 2010

He has Risen!!

Our Lord and Savior has RISEN on a Sunday so very long ago, and we continue to celebrate His awesome sacrific!! Join me in rejoicing and praising our Savior Christ Jesus....hugs!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Here are a couple paintings

I wasn't happy with the way the first girl turned out...I think when this is posted the last photo will be that one....the blond is a remake of the girl with the flowers in her hair.
The First photo is one I completed this working on making my faces look more day!!!! hehehehe!!! Have a blessed Friday...Good Friday!!!

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