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Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Friday again!

Here we are living Friday again, and a promising weekend facing us.  My knee replacement surgery was postponed twice, and now scheduled for Weds. the 29th of June...I'm keeping myself covered as best I can to keep the dogs from scratching me again. You know there are times we feel like screaming because things don't go the way YOU think they should, BUT I believe there are no accidents, and that God was trying to get my attention about this surgery.  I wasn't afraid at all even tho I know the rehab will be difficult, but think God wanted me to be with my hubby for Father's Day...and to have another Saturday drive with we will head out early tomorrow and I'll try to capture some really awesome photos of what we see...I have to tell you what my hubby shared with me this morning....he'd gotten up with a really bad headache which isn't something new...but when he took has blood pressure he discovered what we at last night caused it to go up.  Salt is something he can not he took the meds perscribed to bring the BP down. Later he took his BP again and it was really low..yes this happens sometime, but what he said just tickled my funny bone, and could help but laugh...I'm quoting him,  "My BP is way too low, and I don't want to wake up dead~  See what I mean...heheheh~~~  there was a pause, then he laughed realizing what he's said..   Well kiddos, I must get off here and get something done, definately not packing as my suitcases have been packed and in my van for 3 wks..hehehehe!!
I wanted to share a couple photos before signing off...I pray that each of you are feeling well, are looking forward to your weekend with family...and a special Sunday with your Church family!!!  I sure am.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I was in town to pick up perscriptions yesterday so
I decided to visit  Salvation Army!  As I walked in I saw back in a corner this brown lounge chair..I'd been looking for something to replace my old black (imitation) leather chair. 
Here it was...well used, leather so creaming smooth.  
 Would you believe just$40.00!!!?  
 I paid for it then 2 guys loaded it in
my van.  It is so much  more comfortable than the
old one, higher off the ground which is a good thing!!
Goes better with the brown and burgandy sofa too.
Now to clean my three area rugs to make our home
more comfy!!! 
Guess I'll get them done this week, God willing and
my knee holds up..ehehhe

One more week!

Hubby and I were all ready to leave for the hospital when one of my pugs, Napoleon jumped up on my Unprotected knee~ I looked at Dewey and said, they won't do the surgery today because the scratch broke the skin!  I'd been so careful keeping a blanket over the knee when sitting cuz a three pugs tend to want in my lap.  We went straight to the hospital where my surgeon said it wasn't worth taking a chance on infection.  He'd have gone ahead with the surgery if the scratch was on the other side.   Sooooo, another week we must wait,     Thanks for all your prayers, but keep them coming as it will be done next week...
Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Saturday drive for a couple weeks!

You guessed it, Texas Steak House

Car lot where hubby was looking for a used JEEP
for a client!

some of our flowers out front!

Tomato plants and radishes!

They are coming on!

One of my fav birdhouses on a tree!  Birds actually
nest in it.
Good morning friends!   We did take a Saturday drive over the weekend, but didn't get many photos because I'd forgotten to charge the battery for the camera....dah!  Since I go into the Hospital in 2 days I thought I'd just post a couple of the restaurant we went to Saturday afternoon, and some of our veggie plants.  This will probably be my last blog post till for a couple weeks!  Stay positive and happy remembering God loves you and so do I!  (((hugs)))

Friday, June 10, 2011

Am happy as a cat playing with it's toy!!

Yep, I've enjoyed the first part of today making some jewelry...would like to share with you all...blessings as we get closer to the weekend!!! (((hugs)))
Rose quartz with Sterling Silver heart chain!

Amethyst pendant with swarovski crystal pearls , 6mm amethyst beads  4 rhinstones at tip of triangler amethyst stone. Necklace measures 16 " 
Flowered lampglass pink & green inside hearts
I used army green swarovski crystal pears measuring 16"

Amethyst donut and  small beads used with Sterling Silver chain
and spacers measures 17" there are earrings to match

Awesome very large amber lampwork beads with SS spacers,
and amber faceted beads & 1 1/4" earrings to match

Black & white lampwork beads with smaller black onyx
earrings to match

Swarovski white pearl beads encased in twisted wire, and smaller
sized pearl beads and lobsterclaw clasp.  Earrings to match

Chunky Silver plated chain with medium green beads & SS
Endcaps spaced around the 17" necklace.  Earrings to match
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting ready!

Most of you know I'm getting ready for my second total knee replacement (TKR) next Weds.  I have to tell you getting ready for this surgery has been much different than when getting ready for the last TKR.  More tests this time, and would you believe they've gotten much better at getting most of the test done in one day!!!   I thought all testing was behind me till I visited my regular doctor for a release to have the surgery!
She found some changes in the EKG they did during Pre-Op testing last week.  I got a quick appt for a 2-D Echo yesterday.  This doesn't really hurt, but because you have to stay in one position for the 45 mins it takes to do it, I was hurting all over...
They told me they'd send the results as soon as it was read...prayfully we'll find it wasn't anything that will keep me from having this surgery.
I know without a doubt God is in control so there's no need for me to worry.
I took a couple photos of me before having that test...thought I'd share some with ya...have a blessed day you all!!!

Which one should I use as my profile photo???
Boy am I showing my age...ehehehe!!!
See you all soon...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sunset Sunrise.....Glory be to God!!

I captured these photos of our sunset last evening, and thought just how much my life can be compared to a sunset and sunrise.   For me, having a sunny day makes me feel much better even though my pain levels may be the same when it's rainy and cloudy.  Perhaps I should wear a sun lamp on my head when on those days..ehhehe~
Today it's sunny, in the 80's, and very low humidity. Also we have winds sometimes blowing 20 miles an hr.  Feels awesome.   Today I go to have lunch with my daugher, Missy again.   So I will keep this post short.  Hope your day is filled with all the things you love. 

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