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Friday, February 27, 2009

I'd love to hear your comments on these!

These are a few painting I've done this week, and for many you've probably seen them in one of my Newtworks or on flickr. Even so I was wondering what you thought about them, and don't be bashful, I can take it!!! I also started doodling cuz you can do that like journaling, anywhere, while watching TV or even riding in a car!
I love doing mixed media collage, but I think my first love is doing landscapes. I'm working on two night scenes...will post them over the weekend...speaking of the weekend, sure hope you have a great one, we plan to just stay close to home cuz it's supposed to snow...Yep, it's in the 60's today, and and some showers!!! Share with me what you are working on. I love seeing all your art, and if I'm not a friend on your flickr please let me know so I can go take a peek...
Blessings and stay safe!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gee it's amazing....

It's amazing how I can become addicted to so many different mediums of art...In the past 4 days I've created oh about 26 little ACEO/ATCs done by doodling! Did I say I was addicted??? hehehehe!! What out cuz the minute you start you can't stop. I finally had to put them away and got out a 16X20 canvas already prepped with Gesso. Thinking since I sold one of my landscape paintings last week I'd create another not the same, but with painting sky, clouds and WATER..My husband came in and said, now that's what I call a painting..ehehehe!!! He just doesn't get Mixed Media collage things at all. Course he still things computers were the worst thing ever created. Yep, I'm married to a guy who thinks it's still the 50's hehehe!! All kidding aside, he really likes much of what I've created and doesn't have a problem with me taking up what was the dining room as my studio. There's a nice window infront of my table and everything is at my fingertips too. Gee, I was thinking this morning how much my life has changed since I started painting. When I retired I tried my hand at making jewelry and still love the feeling of creating something that's unique and one of a kind, but painting...well it's really my passion (other than my hubby and family) heheh!! I thought I'd post some pictures of my little (messy) studio then the newest painting I just finished... It's still early so I'm gonna go back and paint another landscape...I sure hope you all are having a great Saturday...Have a wonderful Sunday and remember hug someone close to you today...and tomorrow and and and...just think about all the hugs you'll get back!!! Blessings!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Much to my surprise...

Many of us had the pleasure of taking the Journalism 101 class with Pam Carriker. From the very beginning we knew this class was not only gonna be filled with awesome tips and techniques, but we were instantly aware Pam had this great way of making us feel very much at ease. She used video, script and visual pages to show each step, and I for one came away with the knowledge that I could really create a great page.

Pam asked each of us to comment on how we thought the class went, and if there were any suggestions as to how she could improve on it..NOT!! She said she would ramdomly pick one person from those who left a comment a free pass for the *Shades of Grey* class coming up. Oh how I wanted to take that class but just couldn't justify spending the money right now. Image my surprise when Pam emailed me to let me know I won that free pass. I went running into the other room to share this great news with my hubby who was very happy for me!

Many of you who visit my blog know my sweet sister,Mary. I emailed her with the good news before heading off to bed. Today I received an email from her asking me when the class would start. I emailed her back and told I wasn't sure. Well she found out, AND told me not to worry about purchasing any of the supplies needed for the class cuz she's already contacted Gil, and ordered everything for me. There I was sitting at my puter. tears streaming down my face as I tried to type. I just don't know how to thank her for caring so much!! She is indeed the wonderful, sweet,caring woman you all have come to know here.

I'm gonna close by saying I pray for all those who have expressed the need, and for those I've met here too. God knows your needs. Do go about your tomorrow with love in your heart and a song on your tongue...give a greeting and a smile to those you happen to meet in your travels for you never know if it could just be what someone needed at that very moment. I thank you for coming to see my blog and if you need to talk just contact me...(((Hugs)))

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