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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What a cold day we are having

Hello my dear friends!  I apologize for not being around much for the past couple weeks.  Way too many tests just to find out I'm getting old..eheheh!!!  First my Neurologist told me I had severe neuropathy in both feet and legs up to the knees after doing EEGs.  Then all the blood tests came in ruling out many things, and confirming others.  I do not have Lyme Disease like my sister, Mary and her daughter, Megan does.  The pain has been the Fibro that I've had for more than 30 yrs.  I am borderline have changed my diet drastically cutting back on carbos and just about cutting out all sugar.  I feel better, and have already seen a drop in weight... So many things are going to be better.  We won't be fixing Thanksgiving Dinner here at home Thursday because we have been invited out to a friends home.  Sharree and Ken usually invite us to a big Christmas bash, but this year they plan to be away so they are doing Thanksgiving instead.  They have an awesome home, absolutely gorgeous, and I love going there to see how she's decorated it each year.  She and her hubby own several Gyms... and are really fit, and gorgeous!!!
Well, I'm going to try to share some of my new paintings before I post's hoping each and everyone of you have a Blessed Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas Holiday remembering that Christ Jesus' Birth is the reason for the Season....What a wonderful Blessing He is to all of us who believe HE died for all of our sin on that old Cross so long ago at Calvary!!!  Hugs to all.  Sorry I haven't been able to add photos...don't know why...will check into it.

Monday, September 23, 2013

It's about time....

I say that because I haven't been able to get into my blog for weeks, don't know how I created the problem, but when I went to Google and changed my password I was able to sign in.  Will I ever understand how Google works.  Now when I click on my email it gives me my Pinterest mail...grrrrr  I think it has something to do with my two different emails.

Ok, I haven't been doing much in the way of painting lately as I've been dealing with this balance problem I've had for over 2 months now.  You may remember I fell and hit my face between the eyes. There's been several falls in the house where I was near a chair so it broke my fall.  The last fall was terrible, fell flat on my torso hitting my tummy and my left knee.  The knee swelled up immediately, and bruised from the top all the way down to the ankle...and boy did it that I can see the "replaced knee" has a huge knot on top...gotta go get an xray to make sure I haven't damaged it beyond repair.  My sister, Mary was talking about a Sanctuary within our hearts or a place we can go to be alone with God to pray and worship HIM.  I've found my sanctuary in my living room before anyone gets up, not even the dogs. I can read my Bible, them pray to God for guidance in all things, but most of to give thanks for our Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally, and gives us the answers to many of our questions.  I think back at the times I was able to go visit my sister, and her family, and she would be up, and out on the back porch reading and praying before anyone was stirring around.  I feel so blessed to have my sister who encourages me with her awesome blog. My prayer life is thriving, and my soul sings with love for my Father!!!

I wanted to share with you all that my first daughter who wasn't in my life until she found me many years ago.  We did the visiting back and forth then she didn't contact me for more years than I care to count.  Just days ago I received a call from my beautiful daughter, Jenifer and you can only image how joyous it was to hear her voice.  Well she and her hubby, Kim have 4 boys, and 4 grandchildren, and in Jan she and Kim will be coming from AZ to visit us!!!  It's as tho all those years have dwindled away...we are keeping in touch and I'm thanking God for yet another miracle in my life.  

Created for a Journey: Sunday Ponder#c4759646047271980512#c4759646047271980512

Created for a Journey: Sunday Ponder#c4759646047271980512#c4759646047271980512

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Splendid Adventure Studio: More of little journal

A Splendid Adventure Studio: More of little journal

My sister continues to be a tool that God is using to reach other with HIS love.  I'm so proud of her...


Sorry  I haven't been around for some time, but we've put to rest two very dear friends just 2 weeks apart.  First Dewey's best friend of over 40 yrs passed after a long illness!  Then my dear from whom I worked with at Access Independence back in the late 1990s into the 2000s.  We remained good friend after I left and when we moved up to Cross Junction, VA 9 yrs ago we discovered she and Ronnie lived just across the Hwy from us.   I started going to her Church where we sat together every Sunday.   She'd suffered much in her 66 yrs, but never complained!!  A kidney transplant was her last surgery some years ago, but this Massive Heart attack she had took her from us.  My heart is so sad for her hubby, but know Diane wouldn't want to come back after going to Heaven to be with our Lord...she is without anymore pain!  I pray for all those who have lost dear friends and family members....getting up in years makes one take stock of their own demise.   The sad part is leaving those behind, but having confidence that we, Children of God, will all meet again makes my heart sing....blessings to all, and hope to be back soon.. 
I've been nursing a stomach virus the past 3 days, and today I'm beginning to feel human..eheheh


Monday, August 5, 2013

The weekend is here already!

It's amazing how quickly the week goes by when you have lots to do.  I'm usually home most of the week, not this week!! Weds I got together with the ladies in our neighborhood who love to create.  I hadn't been there for the last 3 months so it was nice seeing them all. Thurs it was the monthly luncheon at one of our ladies home. (some ladies from the Weds group are part of this group too)  We went to a new Assistive Living Community to visit Elizabeth who used to live across the street from me.  Awesome place!  We happened to park at the opposite entrance so we had a very long walk.  Being brave and not wanting to complain I repeated the walk back to my friend, Bea's car.   I haven't been driving much since my fall so it was really nice for her to pick me up.  Ok I started this post to share some new paintings done in the last couple days...I love the easel I  bought last year in a yard sale cuz you can stand at it or lower it and sit...I usually start them standing and by mid morning I'm pulling up a chair..eheheh!!!  Hope you all have a great weekend...we are having 2 days without rain...yeppie!!! our grass is so green, but when you walk on it it feels like a sponge..ehehhe

I finally got in.

Well it's been weeks trying to get into this kidding, don't know what was wrong, but I'm so happy to have gotten past whatever the problem was.

For weeks now I've been creating larger 9x12 zentangles on watercolor paper because standing was difficult after having a series of pain shots.  Another series will be done this month, then hopefully having the Ablasion (sp) will keep that pain away! 
One of my dear friends online had a heart attack, then surgery on Sunday to repair 3 blocked arteries.  Praise the Lord the surgery went well.  Many of you probably know Patti Koosed who lives in Oregon.  She's a member of many Ning Networks, and FB among others..  I'd ask that you keep her and her family in your prayers as she continues to heal. Thank you so much!
I'm posting a couple of my zens and the last paintings I've created.  Blessings to those who stop by to visit....May God continue to touch your lives with HIS awesome grace and peace.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

This is what I looked like the day after I had a terrible fall in the flower garden.  Dewey tried to catch me, but couldn't  I was on the sidewalk when I lost my balance and fell, and wouldn't you know I couldn't fall on the newly worked soil, I had to hit the bottom of the rod iron plant hanger which slit my head wide open.  I was knocked out for a minute, then Dewey helped me into the house where I cleaned myself up, and saw that a butterfly Band-Aid wasn't going to the ER we went, and as you can see I had to have 4 stitches. The worst of it was the needles to numb the area!
Today the headache is gone and I'm feeling much better even though I still look gross, I'm heading out to the grocery store so we will have something to eat this week..eheheh

Here's some of my latest paintings!  Blessings to all who happen by!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Some new paintings

I wanted to share some paintings I've done recently....I gave two to the Church to be raffled off on Sat.  I was so happy to hear a dear friend, Beth who sat with me and the yard sale got them!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

eSynergy: Around The Studio Part 2!#comment-form#comment-form

eSynergy: Around The Studio Part 2!#comment-form#comment-form

Bren's lovely blog has a new look, her artist's space is awesome, so big and organized....would love mine to look more like that!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

After Dewey's surgery!

There are many great hospitals all over the word, but I have to admit the people at UVA are exceptionally kind and caring!  Everyone we came into contact with there treated us as if we'd been friends for a very long time!  Dewey's date for surgery was changed because the first too tests to be done were scheduled to be done on Memorial Day!  NOT!!! heheh So we left home around 7am on Tuesday the 28th got to Charlottesville by 10:30 in time to check in at the Red Roof Inn not far from the hospital.  It wasn't the cheapest one, but it was close enough so if I needed to drive I could find it.  Yea, still having problems finding my way around when I don't remember where we were!  I felt so sorry for my  hubby having to have the one of those tests to rule out an blood clots cuz it's not an easy one to go thru...but he was a trooper, and didn't complain at all!
Weds we left the motel at 6am for his 7am surgery which didn't start till 10:30...couldn't believe he had to wait that long.  It took only 5 hrs once they started and recover took about 2 hrs.  He was in good spirits when he got to his room, and his surgeon, Mike  Mangrum said even tho they found more problems to fix it went really well.  Later I was told people come from all over the world to have him treat them. How awesome is that!!! 
We were released around 11:30 the following day and got home about 3 hrs later...he's been resting since we got home, but taking little walks throughout the day.  He thinks he's going into the shop tomorrow, but I really don't think he should.  Doctor said to take things easy for it would be about a month before he's up to par.....make a man listen to that is like making a dog stop chasing cats!

Blessings to all!

to make a long story short Dewey's Atrial Fib went into full Flutter and the shock treatments didn't put his heart back in rhythm so he was put on Multaq and blood thinners hoping it would work.  It didn't so we had a consult with Dr. Mangnam @ UVA last Monday then go back for 2 tests the day before his actual surgery to put his heart back in rhythm.  We will need all the strength we can munster to drive down on the 27th (leaving at 3am) then come back home the same day...then drive down again on the 28th (leaving again at 3am)  for the surgery.  We've been told this is a 7 hr surgery so he will have to stay over one night...It's a good thing I'll be getting a shot in my hip on the 9th, and pray that it works right away so the riding won't be so hurtful!  We are asking for pray know full well that only God can give us a positive outcome....Please keep Dewey close will ya?

I wanted to share a couple photos I've taken in the last couple days...Blessings, and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Waiting for Spring to arrive!!!

Am getting ready to go visit a sick friend...haven't driven in weeks, but am doing really well today.  Thanks be to God...Sunday afternoon we went to the annual Easter Gathering at Sharree & Ken Ryder's where we enjoyed not only great food, but awesome fellowship with friends and family!  This couple had done really well in their lives having 3 Gyms in different parts of the Country!  There home is beautiful much like they are...There love for our Lord shows everywhere, but most of all their kindness to others...I would share some photos of that home, but I left my camera on a shelf in their pantry..hehehe!!  Yes that old memory doens't work well...I contacted Sharree and she's mailing it to me today!! Yay!

We are waiting for Spring to arrive although we see some signs like many Robin, Goldfinches instead of the winter in the grass here and there...most of all the Dafodils are getting ready to bloom.  Can't wait to work in my raised beds for I plan to do much canning this year...just have 7 qts. of green beans, applesauce and peaches left in my pantry.  I am going to try my hand at growing some different veggies too.   In one of my beds I planted strawberry plants at the end of Summer, and am happy they survived the Winter...:)
 Would love to share some recent photos with you....
Blessings to all who come to visit!!! 
Me, Ginger, Tom (my twin) Linda & Bill

I'm standing in the back, I think Joyce is on the left, Rainy in the middle and Carolyn on the right!

Me at 18 with Mary age 3 in St Louis
Our Dad

Bill, Linda & Tom

Wow look at that old car!!
Dad mom with Ginger beside her
Tom & Bev the twins...I was taller than him for many years!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jesus has Risen, Praise the Lord!!!

Blessings to all who share their love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour with me.  His Peace and Grace showers us with his love and we wait for His return to take us back to Heaven to spend eternity with him and God!!!  Have a wonderful day rejoicing in HIM!!!  Reach out to those around you who may not know the awesome love of God...invite them to Church on Sunday and let them hear how GOD loves them....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

God Is Able
Able is the Greek word dunatos, related to dunamis, meaning ability, abundance, capability, mighty works, miraculous power, prevailing strength. "God is able" means God has the mighty power to do a miraculous work out of His abundance and strength. Romans 16:25 says God is able to establish you. Listen to the richness of the verse when read with its full definition "God has mighty power to do a miraculous work out of His abundance and strength to establish you."
Bring your inability to the ability of God. As you read these verses drink in the bigness of Your God as you replace "able" with "has the mighty power to do a miraculous work out of His abundance and strength."
God is ...
Able to give much more 2 Chronicles 25:9
Able to deliver from fire Daniel 3:17
Able to raise up children of Abraham from stones Matthew 3:9
Able to give sight to the blind Matthew 9:28-29
Able to destroy in hell Matthew 10:28, James 4:12
Able to perform what He promised Romans 4:21
Able to graft in the Gentiles Romans 11:23
Able to make you stand Romans 14:4
Able to establish you Romans 16:25
Able to make a way through temptation 1 Corinthians 10:13
Able to make all grace abound 2 Corinthians 9:8
Able to do exceedingly beyond all your asking Ephesians 3:20
Able to subdue everything under His control Philippians 3:21
Able to keep all that is committed to Him 2 Timothy 1:12
Able to help the tempted Hebrews 2:18
Able to save from death Hebrews 5:7
Able to save completely, to the utmost Hebrews 7:25
Able to raise men from the dead Hebrews 11:19
Able to keep you from falling and present you before His presence without fault and with great joy Jude 24
To the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power, and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen Jude 25
Be blessed in the name of God who is able.
Taken from the Father's Business
Blessings for a wonderful day as you walk with HIM !!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good morning!!!

It's sunny and snowing here in VA..hhehhe  we haven't gotten more than an inch or two over the winter, but it appears we will have a sizable snow on Weds...since Dewey is still having problems with A'Fib it would be difficult for him to shovel snow...I will try, but my back have been giving me a fit for months now...going to have another shot lasted 3 mos last time!!!
Well, I've been making ATC cards after a long hiatus.  I wanted to share the one I received from Stacey Merrill in our Creative Soul's Ning group for Jan/Feb trade.  It was birds/flowers.  I went with birds and Stacey went with flowers and boy she did an awesome atc.
From Stacey Merrill
Here's the one I sent her
Thought I'd add a couple other atcs I've created and posted in Flickr
as well as some birds around the feeders here at home!!!
Birdhouse ATC

Bluebird atc

Wow mixed media atc

a little downy woodpecker visiting our birdfeeder

And this is a crocheted orange dress I wore when I was about 10 mos.
my Aunt Susan crocheted it!!
Well, I'm gonna say goodbye for today but will post again after Dewey
has his Heart shocked again tomorrow..
Our heart goes out to Dewey's dear friend, Wayne who is battling for his
life after having a heart attack.
Prayers are on going for all our family and friends with medical issues too!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another day in the ER

I think my pain stems from sitting in the ER for another day...getting up and down puts a real hurtin on me.  Dewey woke with severe back pain, high fever (101.5) and blood in his urine.  First suspect was that he had a kidney stone, but after a CT Scan it wasn't that.  After hours of doing tests, the doctors believe he's getting how did the arrive at that???  It's beyond my understanding.  So we left the ER around 7pm and drove home in what looked like a blizzard, but we only go a dusting..eheheh  Oh, and he was hooked up to a heart monitor of course, and would you believe he was back in Sinus Rhythm???  And he's supposed to see his Cardiologist tomorrow for them to shock his heart!!!  I'll be really happy if it stays in and that doesn't have to be done!!!
Well, I get to get away for a couple hrs~ Our Women's group is meeting for lunch today at our Firehall!!!  Will be nice!!
Blessings to all who stop by~ Bevie :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We have temps up in the 50s....awesome!!!

Hello out there in Blogland. It's been difficulty lately to keep up with, and post in all the blogs I follow...but will try to this week.  It's funny how the weather is playing tricks on day it's raining the next snowing, then the temp goes from in the teens up into the high 50's like today.  Sun's been coming in and out...sigh, can't wait for Spring to start...I want to see new growth popping up in the flowerbeds...the smell of those beautiful perennials makes my heart sing, how about you??  I love all the Seasons actually, but Spring is my fav.  I believe it's the new growth everywhere...a renewing of things to me so much HOPE, and Peace no only from Nature, but from our Heavenly Father Above!!

Now, I hope to share some recent photos of some birds I captured yesterday and today...Blessings for a wonderful week to come...Peace and grace to each of you!!!



Female Cardinal

Purple Finch

Woody Woodpecker


Winter Goldfinch

Tree Challenge in

Thursday, February 7, 2013

God's blessings in my life

Good morning, I have so much to share with you all...This past week has been filled with God's Blessings for Tuesday, (my 70th Birthday) my husband, Dewey went to the Vascular Heart Ctr at our local Hospital to have his heart shocked!!!  yes, he was scared although he truly believes God is always in control....many times our HUMAN Nature takes over and leads us to worry...not something God wants us to do.  The preparations required to do this took at least 3 hrs...His daughter, Lisa and I sat there with him listening to his Nurse, Paul Shutt describe to him all that was to take place up to the shocking of his heart.  Thinking back about 10 yrs I can remember some of what Paul shared...but things have changed over time.  Course Dewey had an abrasion last time he was in Atrial Fib.  We weren't even aware that what he was feeling was actually A'Fib..he had these symptoms, tired, shortness of breath, dizziness as well for several months however he couldn't feel his heart out of rhythm this time. 
Sooo, well into the 3 hrs they sent Lisa and I out of the room, and no sooner did we sit down the nurse came to get was all over and his heart was back in Rhythm!  It then took him about 2 hrs to be ready to leave.  This is just the second time I've driven him home...eehehe!!!  Now folks I'm a good driver so I don't know why he has an aversion to me driving him..ehehehhe~~  I knew everything was going to go well, you can feel the peace of God within yourself...

I've been entering Creative Soul's monthly ATC trades, and this one for Jan/Feb was hearts or birds...well you know how much I love painting birds so of course I did a Male Cardinal in all his glory!!! hehhe
My partner was Stacey Merrill...a really sweet gal...
Have a wonderful weekend to all!!!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

More of the girls at the Retreat

It's so hard to believe this was taken so many years ago...2007...what a lovely group of ladies sharing at Nancy's Potter House Retreat

It snowed more last night

Good morning, yes it snowed a (slowly) during the night and only ended up with another 2 inches.  It's amazing how little altogether we got the past 4 days.  I've so enjoyed sitting by the fire creating some more paintings of old barns, and capturing more photos of all the birds looking for food.  

This morning I've been trying to visit as many of your blogs as I can, but know it's going to take days and hours to catch up only to start all over again.  So, I am hoping and praying all you out there are enjoying your day...whatever you are doing, creating new art, cleaning the house, or doing the best job you can wherever you might be working. 
 Take a minute to thank God for all HE does for you....where would we be if we didn't have HIS promises for everlasting life because of Christ Jesus dying for our sin on the Cross at Calvary.  Just think about it...makes goosebumps come up on my skin when I think about how enormous it is.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Woke to snow falling!

Woke in the middle of the night to see light snow morning we had about an inch and a half.  It was so breathtaking to see all the trees covered with an inch of snow..beautiful, white fluffy snow.  I've captured many photos of the early birds feeding off the front and back deck....yes I threw out fresh seeds...I love watching them clammer together to get their share don't you?  I hope I'm able to post some of my recent photos so you can see what I've been up to of late.  God is keeping me create some new barn paintings and making lots of Chemo if anyone needs one or two do let me know.  Most of them are winter hats...Blessings as we get near the weekend...for us here in VA we expect a sizeable snow starting late tonight into you all!!!


My First cup of Coffee today
Latest barn painting on 16x20 canvas board

My own hand Zentangled!
Have a great day!!!

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