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Monday, November 19, 2012

I feel so blessed!

Well my sister posted about some questions she'd been asking herself, and it made me stop and take a look at how I would answer them.  I think the gist of what she was asking herself was "am I doing the things I'm doing i.e. blogging,creating art, journaling etc for my own gratification or to get the kudos from all those who come by to see. First of all I believe she has a truly awesome heart and just about everything she does is with God's grace in mind.  If she wasn't sharing her work, and love for the Lord in her blog, and yes in all that she does then many people would miss out on what she has to offer.  When I say she has a true heart I mean she doesn't post to get recognition for herself. I believe God has been using her for HIS good...that being said I am sharing her blog here again just in case you haven't visited yet...

I'm feeling so blessed cuz God has given be the love of so many things, and expressing myself in my paintings is one.  Sometimes satan gets hold of us when we are feeling down because of so many reasons, me it pain....but we have the Armor of God's word to keep us out of satan's grasp, right?  That's why I feel so blessed!!  Going to sleep with HIM on my mind, and waking to thanking HIM for another day, and praying with thanksgiving throughout the day keeps my mind and heart on my Heavenly Father!  How could I not feel blessed, do you feel that way? 
Now I want to share a couple new painting I've done recently...painting old barns gives me such joy...I think in the future I'm going to take photos of local barns and old houses and do research on them to share after finishing the paintings.......
This 8x10 has sold

This old barn painting has sold

Love this 12x24 canvas painting

This one sold too.

I finished this one yesterday after Church

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We woke to temps in the teens this morning as we left the house at 6am to go vote.  We didn't have to wait long as there weren't many people there yet. 
This morning as I looked outside I thought at first we had gotten some snow....but it was just a heavy frost.  The weather report perdicts some snow tomorrow tho.  How about you all, have you had snow yet?  I've been painting some and making some darling little Christmas Angel earrings to give at Church...actually will list some in my Etsy shop as well for just $3.00 a pair. 
11x13 acrylic old barn painting 110512

8x10 lighthouse painting framed 110512
Here some of the earrings I've made during the past week...gave every lady at Church at least one pair...most 2 pair to share...we gave our Community Thanksgiving Dinner on the 3rd...It's wonderful when you see families coming together to eat at the Church...we will be doing some Christmas Baskets.   We've also been collecting little trinkets over the past few months to give to one of the Nursing Homes in our area...then those who want to can pick items to give as gifts either there or even family members!!!  I wasn't able to get lap blankets done in time like last year...but there's going to be plenty of trinkets for all to share!!!
Wishing everyone a wonderful day and a blessed week...for those in the way of this next storm, I pray you will be save and kept warm!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Praying for those in Harms Way!

Good morning friends, my heart goes out to all those who were in "Sandy's path of distruction. It's unbelievable seeing all those struggling knowing they must start all over.  We only had a couple more trees fall into our fence, but we can fix this not like those who are worrying about going on with their lives~ we can help by making donations no matter how little...just think if everyone could only donate a dollar...think about it.  We all know how powerful prayer thoughts are full of prayers for all those in need! 
2 fallen trees during "Sandy"

                                                            1 tree that fell several months ago

I wanted to share a couple photos of the snow that fell on the mountains near us during the storm.
Well I'm going to close now as our Church is having our annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the Community this afternoon.  Since I can't drive, stand much I will sit and help out the best I can!
Yes, I forgot to update info about my hip replacement.  Went to see our Infection Disease Dr yesterday, and got all the perscriptions for the wash, antibiotic and a couple other things I need to do before the surgery.  Seems I have a staff infection like before, but this time I also need to have a tooth pulled as well. Gurrrr.  I wonder if God is telling me to hold off on the hip surgery till after the Holidays...could be..ehheh  hummmm.
I continue to pray for all those who are suffering so...believing in God's promises gives me comfort I hope it does you too!!!

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