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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another day in the ER

I think my pain stems from sitting in the ER for another day...getting up and down puts a real hurtin on me.  Dewey woke with severe back pain, high fever (101.5) and blood in his urine.  First suspect was that he had a kidney stone, but after a CT Scan it wasn't that.  After hours of doing tests, the doctors believe he's getting how did the arrive at that???  It's beyond my understanding.  So we left the ER around 7pm and drove home in what looked like a blizzard, but we only go a dusting..eheheh  Oh, and he was hooked up to a heart monitor of course, and would you believe he was back in Sinus Rhythm???  And he's supposed to see his Cardiologist tomorrow for them to shock his heart!!!  I'll be really happy if it stays in and that doesn't have to be done!!!
Well, I get to get away for a couple hrs~ Our Women's group is meeting for lunch today at our Firehall!!!  Will be nice!!
Blessings to all who stop by~ Bevie :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We have temps up in the 50s....awesome!!!

Hello out there in Blogland. It's been difficulty lately to keep up with, and post in all the blogs I follow...but will try to this week.  It's funny how the weather is playing tricks on day it's raining the next snowing, then the temp goes from in the teens up into the high 50's like today.  Sun's been coming in and out...sigh, can't wait for Spring to start...I want to see new growth popping up in the flowerbeds...the smell of those beautiful perennials makes my heart sing, how about you??  I love all the Seasons actually, but Spring is my fav.  I believe it's the new growth everywhere...a renewing of things to me so much HOPE, and Peace no only from Nature, but from our Heavenly Father Above!!

Now, I hope to share some recent photos of some birds I captured yesterday and today...Blessings for a wonderful week to come...Peace and grace to each of you!!!



Female Cardinal

Purple Finch

Woody Woodpecker


Winter Goldfinch

Tree Challenge in

Thursday, February 7, 2013

God's blessings in my life

Good morning, I have so much to share with you all...This past week has been filled with God's Blessings for Tuesday, (my 70th Birthday) my husband, Dewey went to the Vascular Heart Ctr at our local Hospital to have his heart shocked!!!  yes, he was scared although he truly believes God is always in control....many times our HUMAN Nature takes over and leads us to worry...not something God wants us to do.  The preparations required to do this took at least 3 hrs...His daughter, Lisa and I sat there with him listening to his Nurse, Paul Shutt describe to him all that was to take place up to the shocking of his heart.  Thinking back about 10 yrs I can remember some of what Paul shared...but things have changed over time.  Course Dewey had an abrasion last time he was in Atrial Fib.  We weren't even aware that what he was feeling was actually A'Fib..he had these symptoms, tired, shortness of breath, dizziness as well for several months however he couldn't feel his heart out of rhythm this time. 
Sooo, well into the 3 hrs they sent Lisa and I out of the room, and no sooner did we sit down the nurse came to get was all over and his heart was back in Rhythm!  It then took him about 2 hrs to be ready to leave.  This is just the second time I've driven him home...eehehe!!!  Now folks I'm a good driver so I don't know why he has an aversion to me driving him..ehehehhe~~  I knew everything was going to go well, you can feel the peace of God within yourself...

I've been entering Creative Soul's monthly ATC trades, and this one for Jan/Feb was hearts or birds...well you know how much I love painting birds so of course I did a Male Cardinal in all his glory!!! hehhe
My partner was Stacey Merrill...a really sweet gal...
Have a wonderful weekend to all!!!


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