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Monday, June 28, 2010

Some sharing with my friends and family!!!

These photos aren't very clear, but wanted to show you I really did stop coloring my hair...cut it very very short the other day hoping the reddish color would be gone, but as you can see I need another 2 inches of growth to make it all disappear!!! hehehe!!! I did this when I turned 50 but couldn't stand the skunky at least it's almost all white in the front so what do you think???

We were watching this young doe walk timidly to the line of corn we put out for the deer...this one has a little baby probably sleeping in the woods.

See project for Sister in the Bloggerette Sorority

Hello sisters!!! It's late I know, but hope you'll accept my little "some days are diamonds" project. Seeeeee there are little diamonds in each of the silver flowers!!! I'd say I'm rich more because of belonging to this awesome blogerette sorority than having those little diamonds..ehehehe!!! Blessings to all!!!
You can see me and my project on

Friday, June 25, 2010

Taking photos of flowers in the garden..

I love getting up close and personal when taking macros of my flowers...sure the bushes are lovely, but theres something about seeing them as an individual beauty much like each of us...we are all different which makes us unique. Beauty can be found in everything if you take the time to look...seeing a weathered face of the man that's worked his whole live outside perhaps farming bring a smile to my face. He may look weathered, but there's a wonderful spark in his eyes as he looks over the land. Gee my mind went off somewhere didn't it..ehehhehe!!! Back to my flowers...Hubby came home yesterday with 30 8" pots of discarded perennial daisies...well I can just see them next year blooming beautifully all in their own little space in the front yard. Such a shame for any perennial plant to be discarded don't you think??? I read recently where people are actually planting their yards with eatable plants instead of grass...just imagine walking out your front door, and stopping to pick several different lettuces for dinner salad. I have 3 different kinds of lettuce in pots on the front deck.

For the past 3 nights it's been up in the 90's way too hot to cook so I've prepared some awesome salads using cucs, swiss chard, lettuce all from the garden...tomatoes and squash aren't ripe yet. Add some protein (chicken,nuts,chickpees),celery,carrots,tomatoes and even olives and banana peppers and an great lite dressing makes for a wonderful dinner. Here are some photos of the flowers I was talking about..hehehhe!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Here's where I do most of my creating!

Now I say that because I have one of our spare rooms as my puter and studio...but I do create in other places too. I love going out on one of the 2 decks and paint in the sun. From the back yard I can see beyond the fence up thru all the trees...there are times I get to watch some deer coming down to visit. There's always many squirrels scurry around hunting for food. Yes, we spoil them by scattering corn. hehehe!!!
From the front porch I can see all the trees filled with many different birds all singing their awesome songs. It's amazing how some of the smallest birds have the loudest sound. We have at least 7 sets of Eastern Bluebirds nesting in verious birdhouses I've painted the placed in trees and on fence posts. I made the mistake of putting some finished birdhouses on the front deck rails...Not a good thing for my cat thought he's died and gone to heaven...even caused me to break a toe trying to keep him from getting the baby bird. No more....just have plants and hummer feeders now.. Well here are some photos of my messy space! I saw someone elses space this morning and thought it to be a grand idea...won't you share your's with us too? Blessings

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What a beautiful day!

Good morning, hope your day is filled so many interesting things. Will you be creating a new painting today?? I haven't painted anything for about a week, but have some canvases primed and ready! As you all know I mentioned in my last post that there was a possibility I might have to have surgery on my back....WELL, I don't. One thing I didn't realize was if you have degenerative disc disease (DDD) the bulging discs continue to bulg...and if you are lucky they don't give you a whole lot of pain. Well I've had some bulging discs for years and now have another that's been causing the Chronic Sciatica and severe pain when I try to get up. It seems I'm very lucky as the nerves are wide open and aren't being pinched. The only thing is I will have to have more therapy, and stronger pain meds...ugh!!

Now enough about me, what's up with you?? Do you have plans for a nice vacation this summer or have you already had one? We will do what we usually do...take a trip up to Goshen VA where we spent our Honeymoon 27 yrs ago. Boy time sure does fly when you are having fun doens't it? I find the older I get the faster it goes, I wonder why that is?

Now do have an awesome day doing what you love to do...I'm making a couple Zentangles for a Zen pif group in come take a look around if you haven't been there's a wonderful place to join in swaps and trades one on one or more.

Thanks for caring enough to visit my blog leaving such sweet and special comments. I hope you know it means so much..Blessings,

Friday, June 4, 2010

Things still on hold....

After waiting for a week to hear back from the Dr. about my MRI I started making calls to one had gotten the a week later I go to the Imaging Ctr and get a copy for myself. I did get a bit concerned when I read it, so called my dr for a referral to a Spine Specialist. I had to leave a msg cuz everyone was busy....a week later someone called to get all the info...then it was a week later before anyone called me this time my back pain was increasing...walking because very difficult, and I couldn't drive at all. Then the shoulder became so painful I couldn't lift it up to blow dry my hair. It's the hand I use for painting so I'm freaking the pain is down into my hand, and I'm thinking do I just go back to the ER and have them check the arm out? Finally I get a call from my Dr's nurse who tells me they don't have any info about the MRI cuz they didn't get the report furthermore the gal that took all the info didn't put it in my folder. Now I'm really getting mad...can you blame me??? I call the Imaging ctr yesterday requesting a copy of the report be sent to my Dr via fax...done!!! Now I will get the referral to see Dr. Chadduck however it will probably take a week before they call to schedule an appointment cuz he has to read the report and look at the MRI. I'm out here in limb, depressed that some much time has passed, and way too many have dropped the ball. I should have just gone back to the ER and had them schedule know I truly believe drs have lost some of their caring in that most often when you call with a problem they refer you to the ER...what's wrong with this picture??? Perhaps I should have done more to get the ball rolling...God know's I live with enough pain as it is...this has been debiliting for me. The reason I mentioned I might have to have surgery is because while at the Imaging ctr picking up my copy of the report I talked to the Radiologist who actually read the films...He said it looked like I would need surgery....too many bulgings, severe narrowing..(DDD) I continue to shrink in height...sure wish it were in width..eheheh!!! Now that I have shared the last 2 months with you I ask that you continue to keep my in your prayers...that things settle down and something is done (hopefully not surgery) to make it easier to live...
Love to all who take the time to come visit I"m going to add a couple photos of plants I've got coming up in the flowerbed and the raised beds. That's much more interesting that all the talk about my back pain..ehehehhe~~ Have a great weekend..

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