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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big sun rising

Good morning folks....I captured this awesome sun rising this morning.  It's already taken the chill off and promises to bring a beautiful day!

Had a great visit over the phone with my dear sister, Mary who if you don't know already was featured in Art Journaling by Sumeret Studio (pgs 50 through 57 and comment on pg 88.  Hope you enjoyed her awesome journaling and tip as well.

Heres a photo taken of a rose still blooming out front.  You can actually see the dew on their petals.
These beautiful Bluebirds are nesting in this Apple birdhouse again this year!
Do check out Mary's amazing Blog
Blessings to all who are struggling with all kinds of issues, knowing that God is in total control!
His timing is perfect so don't fret because everything HE does is for our good. 
Have an awesome day, and stay strong in God's word...

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