Monday, April 4, 2016

Is it really Spring?

Good morning, I see I haven't posted in this blog since March of 2015!  Where in the world have I been.  Well to be honest I've been around, but since I've been having problems with this computer, have't had the energy to fight with it...just been taking photos and posting on Instagram...
I thought it was time to come and say Hi, and ask, What'cha been up to?  I have been busy this past month cleaning out closets and drawers getting rid of so many things I don't need.  Yep, I halled 3 huge green bags of clothes to "SPCA" Thrift Store, and have a couple more to share with them.  Then I need to tackle the little building I have outback that house yet more things I don't need...Is this what people call, Spring Cleaning???  Well, I've been intending to do it for's finally time to get ride of the clutter.  I've decided since I'm 73, I don't want or need to have someone else to do it for me.  Not that I think God is ready for me, but one never knows, Right???
I've gone through all my old photos and will share some of them with you in my next post...this one has to be a little short as I have to go out before it starts raining.  We had and inch of snow Sat. night, and we were afraid the severe winds (60 to 70 miles an hr) would blow our little home away from it's foundation!
Dewey continues to deal with severe pain in his back after fracturing one of his vertebras. (sp)  The only thing the surgeon suggested was to get into therapy.  You know he has worked so hard over the years, but forgot to take time for himself to have fun and relax.  Breaks my heart he's had to do that...Times are changing though....we plan to take some time this summer to camp, and fish!!! I haven't painted anything for almost a year...just been doing little are some patterns I've learned recently.  Till I come again another day I wish all my friends a wonderful day...blessings!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015



A beautiful example of what it to come

We are to have temps in the high 60's today, and I for one am a happy Camper..ehehe   I'm so tired of the cold this Winter showed us...and am pleased to see Spring just ahead.  I haven't been creating  paintings or jewelry much at all since the beginning of 2015.  I think my MUSE took a road trip to Florida.   

I can't wait to get my hands in the garden to add bright colors to what's been so full of snow for months now.  We have lost several large old trees to the harsh weather and severe storms, and the damage done to our very expensive fence will take some time to replace.   

I have been going through room after room pulling out things we haven't used in at least a year to take to our favorite thrift store.  the SPCA  will sell and contribute to the care of the animals they have....I'd say that's a win win situation, wouldn't you?

Love and peace to my friends.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another Birthday "Thank God"

Good morning friends, today is my 72nd Birthday, and as many of you know I share it with my twin Brother, Tom!  I just finished talking to him wishing him an awesome day, and as always he reminded me that I'm the older twin by 5 mins.  I didn't really need to hear that this morning for all I have to do is look in the mirror to see all the age lines....they are great reminders of all the wonderful years I've been blessed to have lived.  God's been my constant companion over all those years, guiding me through the good, and not so good days!!!   The older I get the faster the years and days go.  I try to make the best of each minute giving God thanks for all the great friends, and of course my awesome family.  So I want to wish those who are also celebrating this great day either having a Birthday too, or an anniversary...May each of you have a beautiful, blessed day....hugs!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blessings to all...

I am saddened that so much "stuff" has gotten in the way of my posting to this blog...I won't go into detail now, but will eventually share all that's been going on at this end.  Just wanted you to know I am still living, and miss visiting with those who stop by.. blessings to each of you and God bless!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Art of Dessert: Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan)

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Art of Dessert: Classic Chocolate Truffles

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