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Thursday, December 27, 2012

We had a White Christmas

We celebrated Christ's Birthday with our family over 3 days.  Sunday our daughter, Lisa came with her family and share'd gifts and food with us for a change.  It's usually at Lisa's home.....Then Monday afternoon Dewey and I drove to April's where we were supposed to meet up with Missy and Skip.  It didn't turn out that way however cuz it started snowing so we had to start home earlier than we'd planned.  It's a shame Missy and Skip didn't get there till after we left...Next year I'm just going to have everyone at our house so we won't miss being with everyone!  I'm hoping to have Missy and Skip over in the next's snowed more since last Monday...beautiful fluffy white snow covered the grounds on Christmas day, and again yesterday!  We got about 5 inches so I haven't been out today!  This is what I did with my day,
Old snow covered barn
8x10 acrylic on canvasboard

Another snow covered barn with fence on 16x20 canvasboard

Wrinkles laying on the floor with Sadieblue

Napoleon on the sofa!
The day after Christmas I got out all the great art
supplies Dewey gave me for Christmas and painted these
two paintings...he gave me new paints, brushes, and canvasboards.."smile"

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Safe New Years!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas, and safe and Happy New Years!

Saturday we start our Christmas visit with mom! Then Sunday evening we are having Lisa and her family here for dinner, and exchanging of gifts...

Monday we will travel to Hedgesville, WV to visit April and her family and Missy and Skip! 

I enjoyed a nice visit with my sweet grandchild, Megan as it was her of course I left Corbin's Christmas gift too.

She and Kyle are planning to marry in the Spring!!! "smile" I get to make the flowers! Yeppie
Well, I have butter sitting on the counter to come to room temp so I can bake my cookies today...My friend of over 38 yrs is coming to join in the fun...will take some photos of what we bake too!

So....till we get all covered in flour I'll say bye....just wanted to share how two of my barn paintings look in their new frames...Blessings~~~


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doing a little decorating

I was sitting here at the computer reading msgs, while I was thinking about all the things I need to do today. Who said I couldn't multi-task..eheheh!!! Yesterday I spent much of yesterday creating some new Christmas decorations using things I had in my storage building. We have to cut corners where we can, right? Here is a photo of the tree I created using different shaped wreaths. I'm really happy with the results, what do you think?

I took the old gold with clear lights apart and created this little gem...I love all the colors, do you?
Our little home covered with color
Santa's created by Joanne years ago
showing off the painting done by my sister, Mary

Last but not least is the awesome Nativity Set
give to us many years ago, but Dewey's sister
Betty Hodge!
We do all this decorating as an outward show to our Lord how much we praise HIM for all that He has done for us.   Celebrating Jesus Christ's Birth was the beginning of a whole new understanding of what and who God is to the World...without Jesus there would be no hope!  Just think about that...
Blessings to all who stop by, God loves you and so do I....


Monday, November 19, 2012

I feel so blessed!

Well my sister posted about some questions she'd been asking herself, and it made me stop and take a look at how I would answer them.  I think the gist of what she was asking herself was "am I doing the things I'm doing i.e. blogging,creating art, journaling etc for my own gratification or to get the kudos from all those who come by to see. First of all I believe she has a truly awesome heart and just about everything she does is with God's grace in mind.  If she wasn't sharing her work, and love for the Lord in her blog, and yes in all that she does then many people would miss out on what she has to offer.  When I say she has a true heart I mean she doesn't post to get recognition for herself. I believe God has been using her for HIS good...that being said I am sharing her blog here again just in case you haven't visited yet...

I'm feeling so blessed cuz God has given be the love of so many things, and expressing myself in my paintings is one.  Sometimes satan gets hold of us when we are feeling down because of so many reasons, me it pain....but we have the Armor of God's word to keep us out of satan's grasp, right?  That's why I feel so blessed!!  Going to sleep with HIM on my mind, and waking to thanking HIM for another day, and praying with thanksgiving throughout the day keeps my mind and heart on my Heavenly Father!  How could I not feel blessed, do you feel that way? 
Now I want to share a couple new painting I've done recently...painting old barns gives me such joy...I think in the future I'm going to take photos of local barns and old houses and do research on them to share after finishing the paintings.......
This 8x10 has sold

This old barn painting has sold

Love this 12x24 canvas painting

This one sold too.

I finished this one yesterday after Church

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We woke to temps in the teens this morning as we left the house at 6am to go vote.  We didn't have to wait long as there weren't many people there yet. 
This morning as I looked outside I thought at first we had gotten some snow....but it was just a heavy frost.  The weather report perdicts some snow tomorrow tho.  How about you all, have you had snow yet?  I've been painting some and making some darling little Christmas Angel earrings to give at Church...actually will list some in my Etsy shop as well for just $3.00 a pair. 
11x13 acrylic old barn painting 110512

8x10 lighthouse painting framed 110512
Here some of the earrings I've made during the past week...gave every lady at Church at least one pair...most 2 pair to share...we gave our Community Thanksgiving Dinner on the 3rd...It's wonderful when you see families coming together to eat at the Church...we will be doing some Christmas Baskets.   We've also been collecting little trinkets over the past few months to give to one of the Nursing Homes in our area...then those who want to can pick items to give as gifts either there or even family members!!!  I wasn't able to get lap blankets done in time like last year...but there's going to be plenty of trinkets for all to share!!!
Wishing everyone a wonderful day and a blessed week...for those in the way of this next storm, I pray you will be save and kept warm!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Praying for those in Harms Way!

Good morning friends, my heart goes out to all those who were in "Sandy's path of distruction. It's unbelievable seeing all those struggling knowing they must start all over.  We only had a couple more trees fall into our fence, but we can fix this not like those who are worrying about going on with their lives~ we can help by making donations no matter how little...just think if everyone could only donate a dollar...think about it.  We all know how powerful prayer thoughts are full of prayers for all those in need! 
2 fallen trees during "Sandy"

                                                            1 tree that fell several months ago

I wanted to share a couple photos of the snow that fell on the mountains near us during the storm.
Well I'm going to close now as our Church is having our annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the Community this afternoon.  Since I can't drive, stand much I will sit and help out the best I can!
Yes, I forgot to update info about my hip replacement.  Went to see our Infection Disease Dr yesterday, and got all the perscriptions for the wash, antibiotic and a couple other things I need to do before the surgery.  Seems I have a staff infection like before, but this time I also need to have a tooth pulled as well. Gurrrr.  I wonder if God is telling me to hold off on the hip surgery till after the Holidays...could be..ehheh  hummmm.
I continue to pray for all those who are suffering so...believing in God's promises gives me comfort I hope it does you too!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big sun rising

Good morning folks....I captured this awesome sun rising this morning.  It's already taken the chill off and promises to bring a beautiful day!

Had a great visit over the phone with my dear sister, Mary who if you don't know already was featured in Art Journaling by Sumeret Studio (pgs 50 through 57 and comment on pg 88.  Hope you enjoyed her awesome journaling and tip as well.

Heres a photo taken of a rose still blooming out front.  You can actually see the dew on their petals.
These beautiful Bluebirds are nesting in this Apple birdhouse again this year!
Do check out Mary's amazing Blog
Blessings to all who are struggling with all kinds of issues, knowing that God is in total control!
His timing is perfect so don't fret because everything HE does is for our good. 
Have an awesome day, and stay strong in God's word...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Craft Shop yesterday!!!

Yep, I was feeling well enough to set up at another Craft Show this time at a Church near home.  So happy to meet all the great ladies who kept this Show running smoothly!   Angie not only is a member there, but also attends my Church with her husband every Sunday before attending her Church. Our Church lets out at 10:30 and her's starts at 11:00 so next week I'm going to join her...
I did very well selling not only jewelry, but some paintings and knitted scarves.  I just want to say, Prayer is so Powerful....for the past 3 wks things have been almost to a stand still at my hubby's shop, but God does always provide for our needs...I made enough to get our groceries for the week...Praise be to God...
Here are a couple photos of the sale...
This little guy is the son of the gal in purple..we used to work together
He loved his hat and scarf!

Cute,,,,the table holds my jewelry

some people looking for something!

Had to show you the sunrise I captured on the way to the Sale

Just awesome - Shangrala's Akiane Child Prodigy! - Shangrala's Akiane Child Prodigy!
This young girl is awesome, and her love for God is most important to her!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life has sure been busy lately

So many things have taken a front seat the past few weeks, but most important was going into surgery for a Hysteroscopy and D&C yesterday....for the last month I've know the doctor doing the surgery was about 97% sure I had ovarian cancer!  Whatever was found I know God would give us the strength to handle it.  There was this awesome peace way down deep inside be that only God could give, and we all know Prayer is Power!!!  Am happy to say the dr was wrong!! He did find Polyps and took them all out.  Yay...God peace and grace outshines anything!!!  I"m home resting some for I think they took my old legs and tied them in a hips feel like that's what happened..hehehehe!!! 

I have many scriptures from the Bible I love,  but the one my friend, Nancy Williamson from  "Footprints from the Potter's Home"  My sweet sister, Mary went to one of their awesome retreats several years ago...and at the end we all sat around the big bondfire after the sun went down...what an awesome feeling came over me that night...I could feel God's presence and knew these girls were being used my HIM.  I was given a scripture from them that I really needed...because of things in my past it really spoke to my heart...made me realize that the past must be delt with then left the past...oh we never forget, but we need to put those "bad" feelings about ourselves behind us to leave room for all the things God has for us in the future...I totally believe I have and am so very thankful~~~  this scripture I've shared before, but am going to do so again...for it's as much a part of me as the Lord's Prayer!!  This was on my lips as I was put to sleep for my surgery....and I woke with them in my Heart!!!

Peace I leave with you,
my peace I give unto you:
 not as the world giveth,
give I unto you. 
Let not your heart be troubled,
neither let it be afraid.

John 14:27

this is for everyone who believes Jesus died on the Cross at Calvary for all our Sins. Putting all that is written in the Bible into practice in your lives as you try to be more like day our Lord will come again and I honestly pray it's in my time...what a glorious sighting that would be...I pray that those who have heard the truth, but haven't accepted HIM as their Lord and Saviour make that decision now, accept that free gift!

Look what an awesome place for a Retreat!!!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Studio Tricot Ara

Studio Tricot Ara
If you love knitting and/or crocheting then don't miss this awesome sale!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Annual Sams Family Reunion

We so enjoy meeting up with Dewey's bros and sisters and their extended families.  Dewey and I decided to take Rt 42 up to Goshen, VA because there's so much more to see...well what should have taken us 3 hrs ended up taking a little over 4.  I sure was good to see all the smiling faces when we arrived.  Our son, Lee and his 2 kids were already there as well.   There was so much food (as usual) and they were happy to see I did my meatballs again this year.  The expected rains didn't hold off as long as they were supposed to...we were hit with a down pour at 3 so everyone decided to pack up and head home.  Took us another 4+ hrs to get back home.  Not a trip we should make all in one day wouldn't you say?  
Some photos of new jewelry created last week.  Blessings!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Loving creating new paintings of old barns

I've had a very busy week painting and organizing things for the show I'm going to be in August excited about it...I want to show a couple of the barns and other paintings I've do, but also wanted to share some of the photos I took on Sunday after Church...we had to go to Dewey's bro's to take him a tool he I rode along to visit his wife, Debbie...such a very special person, artist in her own right.  It did rain most of the way down, and all the way back then when we got into Cross Junction the sun came out!!!  Yes!!!

Had a great show on Sat

Good morning! How was your weekend?  The much anticipated Craft Show at Access Independence, a center for Independent living.  I wanted to share with you some of the photos I took of some of the venders participating.  We all had a grand time meeting and greeting so many people who live in and around Winchester, VA.
My space!

Really sweet gal selling Tupperware

Diane Starkey, Program Mgr for AI and dear friend

I didn't get a chance to have a hand massage, but hear she was awesome

Have to will post some photos of our Sunday ride later today!!!  Have a great day and remember it's a gift from God so do something great with it!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Woke to rain but it's sunny now!

Good morning friends...we had a great weekend taking a nice drive down Rt 11 catching some of the Annual RT 11 Crawl. Our trip was short however because of the high price of gas. Look what I purchased along the way!

Hope you all have a wonderful day enjoying whatever you ya!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How is your day going?

Well we celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary yesterday...starting with a nice ride in the Country...then off to one of the best Seafood Buffets in the area.  Crab Legs were on the top of our list then of couse some steamed shrimp and their awesome Talapia with Cranberry sauce.  A little of this and that finished off my meal...leaving no room for dessert.  An hours ride back home found us both tired and ready to take a little walk.  

I'm getting all excited about the upcoming Craft Show August 25th and think I have everything organized just need to do some more pricing...Then I can rest and concentrate on things that need doing here at home! 

My daughter, April and her family are giving a cookout this weekend for an old friend who is coming to visit.  He expressed the desire to have MY Meatballs so that's what I'm fixing.  Perhaps a cake of somekind might be in order too...we'll see.  hehehe!!

Here are a couple photos of some jewelry done recently...take care and know you are thought of and loved not only by me, but by the ONE WHO LOVES US BEST!!!!


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