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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm a little late posting about our Saturday ride..

Well here it is Thursday already and I've yet to show you some of the photos I took on our Saturday drive...last weekend!!! hhehe!! We really had a great day even tho it was really hot and humid. We took in some yard sales as well as stopped at a couple indoor flea markets...didn't buy anything just enjoyed each other's company. I do so cherish our time all along without the pugs...just quiet please once in awhile..eheheh!!! I also painted a couple more little ACEOs to list in my Etsy shop. What can I say they are just so nice to sell for a very low price so people that can't afford a the large canvas paintings they can collect an original piece of art just the same.
I woke this morning feeling tired since Chronic Fatigue has raised it's ugly head several nights this week...isn't it frustrating when you know you are tired so you go to bed at a reasonable time only to find you're lying there for hours with your eyes wide open...I try to be quiet when getting outta bed, but of course the dogs decide they aren't tire either and one by one (3 of them) they jump down to follow me. Thus waking my hubby who really needs his rest. I'm praying for a good nights sleep tonight...and I hope each of you spend your day tomorrow listening to your muse and creating something you really like...I go in for some blood work at 10am (can't even have a cup of coffee Yikes..) then chat with the dr. We spend usually one half to an hour waiting to see her, then another 15 mins in the ROOM waiting...then she spends about 20 mins with me...what's wrong with this picture??? My time is just as valuable as the Doctors isn't yours?? Ok, I'll stop least I got an appointment.

Some pics of our drive...lovely Virginia..and some old barns, houses, geese I've captured on a previous ride. My hubby said, there's an old yellow truck for Mary's there you go Mar...what'cha think??

And here are some of my ACEOs...

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