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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Twas a Bright and Beautiful Christmas day

We Celebrate the Birth of our precious Jesus with joy and peace knowing HE is the perfect gift from God so those who believe and trust in God's word that we cannot be separated from God for all eternity!  I get goosebumps each time I think about how God created the way by coming down from Heaven as a child...not just any child, but as Jesus our Saviour who lived as a man for such a short time teaching that through HIM we could have an awesome relationship with God.    Over the years I have to admit I was consumed with the gift giving not the most important reason for the season.  Sure the giving and receiving of gifts is fun, and represents all those who came to the manger so many years ago with their presents for the new born KING....but now my way of thinking is the giving is so much's giving to those who are in need not just at Christmas, but all year long.  It's amazing how you can help in so many ways even when you aren't doing that well financially.  I'm smiling to myself because some things have happened in the past couple weeks to show me how much some really care.  My dear hubby hasn't been working much cuz his business is slow, and he's been down with the flu.  My precious ex-daughter-in-law, Debbie invited me to lunch last Tuesday...when she drove up I noticed a huge box in the back seat of her car.  Yep, she brought everything (and more) that we needed to fix  for a wonderful Christmas Dinner even down to the Apple pie!!  I cried with tears of joy knowing how much her heart was enjoying the giving too. 

Friday night we started up to the mountains of Wardensville, WV to meet with family and friends for a Christmas Dinner.   It was good to see Dewey's exwife, and her hubby.  From the first time we met we became fast friends...that was 29 yrs ago. Lisa, Dewey's daughter, and her daugher, Harley and one of her sons, Cody was there.  My daughter and her BF and his two children got there later as it was their first trip up there.  We all had a great time celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Jesus. 

Saturday evening we went to see Janet, Hunter and Gracie...we miss seeing them since she and Lee split up...she'll always be a part of our family!  When we left we were going down one of the winding roads when Dewey stopped and asked if I saw that white thing in the woods...we turned around and got a better look!  It was a really pretty white deer all alone just staring at us.    As we drove on I saw a falling was amazing as I hadn't seen one in me it was like a reminder from God that we were about to celebrate the birth of our King, Jesus.  I thanked HIM for that beautiful sign, then continued to thank HIM for the gift of life with HIM through his son, Jesus Chirst.  I pray for those who still don't know HIM...that their hearts will accept that free gift so they will live forever too.
Many blessings to all who love our Lord and are waiting for Jesus' return!!
Now for some photos...there are many too!
The white deer

Janet & Hunter

Janet & Gracie

Dan our Santa Claus


Hunter with angel he made

Joanne & Dan's home

Lisa in the doorway


Beautiful tree

Awesome Sunset 122011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Whoops, I deleated the photo of my grandchildren...yikes

Okay heres Kristin (Julie behind her) Corbin and Megan with her BF...Beautiful GC wouldn't you agree?  I need to get new photos of the others...we love them all so much...Happy Holidays!!!

Sure have missed posting!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all....

The past month I've been so busy making jewelry, creating paintings, and attending Christmas Bazaars (where I've done quite well Praise be to God) that I've neglected posting here.

I don't remember if I posted about having my mom visit for 2 weeks while my bro and his lovely wife joined their son and his lovely wife for some visiting away from home.  It was a very special time with mom who will be 94 this coming April.  True I was getting ready for shows, but did spend most of the 2 weeks enjoying all her favorite GAME shows till towards the end of her visit we discovered we both loved playing RUMMY~  I was amazed at how good she was at beating me!!!  Twas  really quiet when she went home.   

Ok, I'm going to share some photos with you and and promise to come and visit more often...course I need to visit all my friend's blogs too...I need more than 24 hrs in the day..hhehehehe

Sunny our fat cat

Julie my daughter in Law

Sadieblue,Wrinkles, Napoleon

Little Sadieblue in her warm sweater!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm thankful for.....

Knowing in my heart true peace comes only when I become submissive to God's will in my life why then did I try to do things in my own strength?  Too many times I'd fall into the snares of the world around me creating heartache and disaster.   Being a child of God creates a struggle in, and against the world,  by keeping HIS word uppermost in my heart and mind brings complete peace. Then  God takes up my whole heart!   Being in my Father's arms keeps me safe as a baby feels when tucked in his mother's arms.

But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ.  Phil 4:19

Photoes of jewelry I've created for another Christmas Bazaar. 
Blessings as we think about all that we are thankful for during this Holiday season.. Bevie

very delicate

little goldtone earrings

Closeup of pendant on necklace

This is very long and spunky!

I love these little Elephants

Look at our old guy sitting beside a little statue!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our mom is coming for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Shortly after our kids started having children of their own they decided to stay at home and celebrate Thanksgiving with them, and in some cases their husbands or wives.  At first it was a big disapointment, but as the years have gone by, we find it's really ok...we do get together for a big Christmas dinner at Dewey's daughter and her family.  This Thanksgiving we are pleased to have my 93 yr old mom coming to spend a couple weeks with us.  I was a little worried about her around the dogs since it's been a few years, but she says they will be just fine.  I've been so busy getting my Christmas jewelry and paintings ready for the different Christmas Bazaars I'm going to be in I haven't had time to do much cleaning, so you can guess what I'm going to be doing the rest of this week...hehehehe!!!  I do hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving sharing with your family...course our door is alway open just in case someone decided to come daughter, Missy and her boyfriend will be coming too so it will be fun.
I finished a couple more necklaces and earrings and thought I'd share with you...Blessings, and if you travel thru the Holidays I pray for your safety!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My first Christmas Bazaar leads to others!!

As many of you know I was in a Christmas Bazaar Nov 5th, and while there having a great time meeting many of the people who live in our community (for the first time) I was asked to be in 2 more Bazaars and to have lunch with a couple of my new found friends.  What a wonderful Saturday I had, not only for meeting so many nice people, but my handmade Jewelry and paintings made a big hit.  I have orders for a couple more paintings, and yes, more jewelry!  I had a couple orders for more hats and scarves as well...I think when this next 6 weeks are finished my poor hands are gonna need some tender, loving care..heheheh!!!
Don't forget to stop by my Etsy shop to see what's new!!!
Here are some photos I took at the Bazaar of most of the sellers there...blessings to all of a wonderful rest of the week while keeping our Abba Father upper most in our minds...if not for HIM I wouldn't be able to do the things I gifts are from HIM~~ Praise be to God!!!

This table was full of fun hats & scarves and
adorable cat & dog beds!

Great prices on this table

Just look at all the goodies!

The gentleman who made all these things was
a delight, and sat in front of me!
I bought one of his magazine racks...Only $5.00

These are more hats etc from this lady

More beautiful items for sale

This little gal who's Granny was hold her
was just so precious.

I couldn't help giving her on of my scarves with
hat, and she danced for me when I put it on her!!!

This was my table...a bit crouded, but the person who was to use
the table to my right didn't show so I was able to put all the
painting on was much easier to share my jewelry up close

To the right of this one were my hats & scarves and the gal who
had all the Home Interior for sale was just about giving it away!!!
The sellers all had put very reasonable prices on their items because of
the bad economy!!!
What a blessing!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Giving makes my heart sing!

Good morning my dear friends!  I've been very busy getting ready for the Christmas Bazaar this weekend, Nov 5th at our local Fire Department.  I've never done one before so am really looking forward in meeting and greeting people who stop by.  I've got small earrings for just a dollar, and necklace and earring sets for $10.00 making it easier for those of us living on a very restricted budget to be able to find something nice for family and friends.  I'm adding some Christmas paintings to my table most of which are framed, and lots of scarves and hats that I made.
Many of us at our Church are members of our Outreach Program and I'm happy to say have make some lovely things for one of the local Nursing Homes in the area.  We also provide food from our "Closet" for those in need.  Here are some of the lap blankets I've made to give.

I know for me, giving makes me so happy...we don't have much money, but there other ways to give...your time, your love, compassion....just think about the ways you can give of yourself to others!!!

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