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Monday, June 8, 2009

By golly I think I like this one!

In my last post I showed you all the original painting I'd been working on then a revised version. Brenda and Gloria were kind enough to share their thoughts on it which I totally agreed after stepping back and taking a good look at it, I think I finally like the revised revised painting..ehehhe!!!
Thanks girls for being totally honest with me! I am a self taught artist who's only been painting for about a year in ernest! I think I need to take some course in shading and such.
Now, I'd like more constructive advise if you all don't mind...that's a good way to learn...and God knows I'm learning...eheheh!!!
Have a great day!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I just finished

Ok here is the first 22x28 painting I did, but wasn't happy with it cuz I thought the tree was too uniformed and way too busy at the bottom. So this morning I went over it and ended up with this...When I first started painting in ernest about a year ago I would never have thought to actually go over a painting to start anew however I watched my dear sister, Mary actually GESSO over a painting of hers I thought was great and come up with something even better (if that's possible) She told me there was no right or wrong way to paint, and to make Gesso my *friend*....heheheh!!! That's exactly what I did here. Now looking at the two side by side I'm wondering if the second one has enough interest. What do you think??? Yep, I'm leaving it up to you all. Should I go back and add more color or what???
Blessings, and enjoy the rest of Sunday honoring HIM!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st and look what I found!

The minute my feet hit the floor this morning I know it was going to be an awesome day. As I usually do I open the door to smell in the cool fresh air of early morning, and was greated by the awesome sounds of birds scurrying around gathering food for their young. One little hummer already at it's feeder on the front deck. All the while I'm smiling at what God greats most of us with each day. A brand new beginning knowing full well yesterday is gone, nothing can change that, and tomorrow well it may not be here for some, so today is a good as it gets!!! Now where did that all come mind seems to go deep into the back finding things I probably dreamed about the night before..ehehehe!!! All I'm saying is we need to make the most of each day we are given...I sure am trying. Someone reminded me the other day not to sweat the small stuff...the things we can't really do anything about. Course we know that God is always with us to lift us up, and carry us when it's needed. Today I'm feeling wonderful especially as the sun arose in the ski bringing forth all the new beauty of the day. I grabbed my camera and walked down the sidewalk to where the rose bushes line the side of our home. Yep there they were, 5 bushes all in a line each giving me their best blooms to capture! Well the yellow bush was being shy today, but I'm sure they will get over it and produce a beautiful bloom soon!
So I leave you with these beautiful pictures to enjoy...sure wish this was smelablog so you could enjoy their fragrance too!!!
love ya all...have a wonderful day!

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