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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blessings to all who come by!

Good morning friends.  I've been busy riding with my hubby on some of his Tow trips enjoying not only his company, but all the eye candy we see in VA.  It's snowed a couple times in the past 2 wks, however nothing that caused any problems.  More to come on Sunday. 
Peace & Grace

Be My Valentine

Little Bunnies


Be my Valentine

Our Father is in Control
Thought I'd share some of the little ATCs I've created for's been ages since I made some.  They are so much fun to do I just can't stop creating them cold turkey. LOL  Here are some of them.

I'm stilling knitting and crocheting neck scarves, cowls, and baby blankets...three of my friends are having babies in the next couple months so I'm getting them ready early!!

Just letting you all know that I'm sitting around twiddling my thumps...did I spell that right??? hhehehe~~~

My memory problems is getting worse so please forgive me if I say something more than once or leave out a word.  I send lots of good blessings for each of you as you go thru the days in front of you...remembering worrying about days gone by is just a waste of's now and how we live each day from here on is what and loving those in need not only makes them happy, but it sure does make our hearts as well...(((hugs)))

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Well Winter is finally here

I can't complain now that a "real" snow storm is on it's way today cuz we have had a "gentle" time of it so far.  Yes, we've gotten some snow, but the sun has melted it all with in a day!  Warm weather has been on and off here in VA as in many other States.  Today we are expecting 6 + inches up here in the mountains, and by the looks and feel of the air outside it's gonna start any minute.  I have my fireplace going with  lots of crocheting to do. (2 baby blankets to be done in a week) 

If you were wondering why I haven't been doing much painting that's the reason.  I've been making  little knitted neck scarves, and making fine doilies.  Then there's this bright idea I had to paint a scene on the replaced wall in our bathroom.  Our hotwater heater busted last year which was fixed and the old wall replaced, but I hadn't painted it yet.  So I thought why not a mural...I used to lots of them, but since the last knee replacement I've discovered it was just too difficult to do a whole wall...painting down at the bottom was the problem..see I can't get on my knees anymore. This should be interesting to see how I finish it..ehheeh

Just the beginning of the 5x7 feet

This doily is white measuring 17.5 inches
in diameter

This one measures 29 inches in diameter

This little one measures 14 inches in diameter

Little short neck scarves, warm but a great fit

I've made all different colors with
Wool Ease thick and chunky yarn by Lion Brand

I had orders for 5 in this color, purple

Pssst, I thought if you were interested making any you can purchase the yarn for just $2.79 a skein from Walmart where all other places charges far more.
It takes only one skien to make one...I don't have a pattern but I cast on large knitting needles 9  and you would knit then purl 4 to 5 times then reversing the pattern to make the design.  Drop 2 stitches in the middle of one row then add 2 stitches on the row after...If anyone finds a pattern plz share it with me..hehehe!!!
love and peace to all of you!!!
Stay warm and safe!

Well the snow has started in the time it took me to write this blog!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Well it's finally come, my Birthday!

Today my twin bro and I celebrate our 69th I can't hardly believe is here...Most of the time I think of myself as middle aged...hummm do you suppose The 60s are the new 40s these days??  I actually don't feel any older, in fact I feel younger than I did a year ago.  I've recovered from the second knee replacement, and am walking much better.  I'm just so thankful God is allowing me to still be around...course I'm not afraid of dying cuz I know I'll go to a better place....but there are things I want to finish if it be HIS will.  I called my twin bro this morning finding him in good spirits too.  We have a connection even tho we don't see each other as often as we'd like.  He's in Maryland, I'm in Virginia...maybe a couple hours apart.  It's a shame we get so busy that we can't see our way to go visit.  I think this year will be different...I'm going to make a point of taking my hubby down so we can visit....I'm thinking of going to GA next year to visit my dear sister, Mary it's been about 3 yrs now since we last saw each other.  Perhaps I'll have a birthday party for our mom who will be 94 in April...that would give us all the chance to visit...

In the front yard

On the side of the house

Beautiful tree in the back yard

beyond our fence in the back

Love this tree with the sqirrel nest

Christmas Cactus blooming again

Napoleon running for the back door thinking he can
catch the dog on TV

Napoleon watching TV

Napoleon getting ready to pounce
Now I want to share some new photos of what it looked like very early this morning...what  a pleasant surprise, but it's now after 2pm and the trees are clear and the sun is shining some.  Of coursh I got the ones of Napoleon backwards..eheheh!!!

Hope all of you have a Birthday today our sometime in Feb. are having a wonderful day...God has been good to me and I'm so very thankful for His Love and peace and grace!!
Blessings to all my friends out there in Computer land~

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