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Friday, September 23, 2011

Look what I found while cleaning my Studio!

It's amazing how much stuff I find when I finally straighten my little Computer/Studio room.  I spent most of the day yesterday and today going thru drawers, and boxes (yes) finding not only many of my completed ATCs and little painting, but envelopes of old old photos I'd forgotten all about.  I hope you enjoy peeking into how some of my siblings as well as mom and dad when they were young.  The only one I didn't find photos of was Mary cuz she just happens to be the youngest one...Blessings to everyone who stops by, and wishing you a wonderful weekend.  I'll be sharing some things at an indoor flea market at the Roundhill Ruritan Club on Rt 50 N and Poorhouse Rd near Winchester VA Hospital...if you happen to be in the area do stop by and say hello!!!

My dad and cousin Irene

My stepsister Ginger, Dad holding my twin bro, Tom
and Mom holding me!

My Bro Bill, Linda and Tom (my twin)

Linda and Bill

From the top, Ginger, Dad, Mom
Me (Bev) Tom
Bill and Linda!

My son, Chas who is 47 now in my arms
Yep it's me at 26...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Taking a fence down

We were asked to go back up to Milboro Springs, VA again this weekend to help take a fence down, but it didn't end like our trip last weekend.  It was a beautiful ride, and I took lots of photos as we drove of some lovely farms, homes and wonderful landscapes which I'll share at the end of this post.  Thursday Dewey's dr changed one of his BP perscriptions because it was taken off the $4.00 list which mean it cost too much for us pay.  It wasn't till Friday night that Dewey took the first one, and during the night he became very dizzy.  Yep, it was evidentally too strong and caused his pressure to go way down.. we decided we should head for home Saturday around noon instead of staying till Sunday which is what we'd planned.  They'd worked hard on Friday to take down the board fence so they didn't have to work on it Saturday.  He's feeling much better today however his BP is still low, 90/52  will see his dr tomorrow for re-evaluation.  Dewey just walked in and said God is taking care of him!  We are truly blessed~

Now to share somemore photos, then I have to get ready for our yearly Church meeting where we elect officers, etc.  I pray that each of you have a wonderful, safe week ahead!  Blessings!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sams' Family Reunion

We don't usually take a vacation, but when our annual reunion comes around we try not miss it.  God gave us a beautiful day from the minute we got in the Van around 7am.  We arrived at Douthat State Park up near Goshen VA.  Everyone was there, Dewey's 3 sisters, Helen,Lottie, Diane and 2 of his brothers, Buddy and Dave.  Of course the respective spouses were there as well...then other family I'd met at the previous reunion.  Was wonderful to see how much the children and grandchildren of bros and sisters have grown.  There was a marriage of one Niece who was so happy and glowing.  I was feeling really great so was able to take several walks and even went down the children's slide.  I'd taken a picture of Lottie going down last year.  There are 3 slides side by side so we went down can only image how many years it's been since I'd been down one...hummm perhaps 25, 30 yrs..Yep!!!
I did take lost of photos of the waterfalls not far from where we were set up...all the food was wonderful as usual....we didn't want the day to end, but we knew it was going to be another 3 hrs back home so we started packing up about the time we stopped by Lottie's Cabin then on to her sister, Helen's and boots it was about 8pm before we got on the road.  Believe it or not, I didn't fall asleep at all which is very unusual for me..ehehhehe

Here are some tired so will close this post and share more another day!!!  Blessings~~

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