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Monday, June 25, 2012

Just stopped by to share some jewelry with you

Gee two days in a row!!!  If you'd been with me as I did my chores you probably would have been surprised I found time to even get online..eehehe!!!  I've created some new rings and a couple necklaces, changed the sheets on our bed, cleaned the floors, all the while working on 3 loads of clothes.  The comforter is just about dry....and will smell so good as I put it out on the deck rail in the breezy air...what a lovely day...we did have a little storm early this morning, then the sun came out and the winds started up...I've had both doors open as it's been really comfy!!!
Now to get back to vacuuming the rugs, and start dinner!

Hope you all have had a great day too.  If you are in the path of the bad weather down in Florida do take care and stay safe...we have one sister living in Lady Lakes..but she doesn't have a computer.  Can you imagine anyone without one???  hehehehe

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some new creations in June 2012

I should be receiving my new camera tomorrow, however I was able to take some photos before it started acting up again.   Do hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend..ours was delightful!  Since Dewey is working from home it's been awesome having him close...spending more time together, eating lunch and sharing more makes us both feel so blessed. God is getting our attention regarding a house we found  some weeks ago...we continue to pray for guidance in this matter cuz of course we don't want to make a mistake leaving us with more problems.   The owner showed us all around, and just recently lowered the price.  Dewey's bro is a Real Estate Agent and has made a bid for us.  We are feeling pretty good about the location and the condition of this little rock has a full basement which will provide so much room for all kinds of things plus a nice big room for Dewey to set up all the exercise equipment that's been out in our garage.   I know if it's God will for us to make this change it will happen..I have peace about it and so does D.  Now for those photos I promised...oh and I created some sterling silver and gemstone rings I'll take with my new camera and post tomorrow or Tuesday!!!   Lots of hugs and wishes for each of you to have a great week. (((hugs)))
This one now sports a nice 26in chain

I love how this one turned out

used copper wire & bird charm

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where has the time gone?

I'm wondering if it's just me or does everyone find posting in your blogs sometimes takes a backseat to living?  I know for me it's been so full of trying to fit everything I'm doing into a 24hr time span.  I have 2 groups I now belong is a quilting group that meets twice a month. (have mentioned this before) the second is a woman's share group which meets only once a month...Last Thursday was our meeting for June, and our hostess, Elizabeth invited a speaker from ,a local business that helps those needing to downsize to do just that.  Now I have a place to sell some of my collectibles my children don't want left to them...geez how can that be...wouldn't anyone "love" to have my collection of White Hobnail by Fenton? hehehe!!! Gee maybe I should post some photos of what I have just in case you have a place for them!  What'cha think?
I have been struggling with the arthritis in my hands agravated by all the Chemo hats I made in the last month.  I did 10 for one lady, and a couple for women I've met while shopping..that's what my intention was from the beginning!  make them then hand them out as I met those in need of one.   The lady I made the 10 for was so excited, and said it made her feel so good when others commented on her lovely hats.  She will so complete Chemo and I'd ask that you all keep "Ruth" in your prayers that the cancer is gone!!
I've been making some jewelry but my camera is having a breakdown...gotta get it looked at...probably something simple as I'm not very good with little things like that..ehehhe
I will try to post what I do have...oh and what fun it's been to pull out the copper wire I'd purchased when I first started creating jewelry oh about 7 yrs ago..yea it's still just as shiny because it was in a protective bag!!!   I made two chokers yesterday (braided) and added a pendant I'd made and have earrings to match...can't wait to share them with ya! 
Now I'd just like to say I've missed visiting all your blogs and will in the next week try to post in everyone that I follow...not a easy feat since there are so many I follow, but I'll be seeing you soon..blessings to all may peace and grace be with you!!!
Couldn't post photos will try again later today!!!!

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