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Monday, January 31, 2011

One World One Heart giveaway has started for 2011

I"m so happy to let you know I've joined the last OWOH giveaway this will find people with blogs all over the world joining in as well~ please if you are interested in joining in too go here to find all the requirements Then create your blog post with this awesome photo that Lisa created for 2011...I've decided to give one of my handmade, sterling silver and gemstone sets to the first 100 who add their blog to my list.  I'm really excited for we had a great time last year...looking forward in seeing you!!! Blessings!

I'm editing how the jewelry sets will be picked.  Instead of one out the first 100 posts etc...I'm just making it 1st and 2nd drawings out of all participants!!!  Hope that's ok with you all...Blessings!!!

This 1st prize will be this beautiful necklace made of Brazilian adventurine stones (round and oblong) measuring 21 inches with 1 inch earrings to match...
The second prize will be this lovely 24 inch necklace done with carnelian beads and earrings measuring 2 inches to match

The drawings will be Feb 17th so come join in! 
Well that final day has come, and this drawing is closed.  It's sad because there won't be another OWOH again next year, but have to say it's been a real joy to join in on the last 2...
I will post the winners in the to get busy and have hubby do the drawing..ehheheh

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No ride on Sat!

You know we all have things that stop us in our tracts like what happened to us on Saturday.  As we left the house to take our usual ride, I noticed a sissing sound at the end of the house...We found that the outside free standing faucet (it's hard for me to discribe) was leaking water...then we discovered all the water laying on top of the ground from the house down towards the woodline....a very long way!  Yep, we had a leak somewhere from the well to the house...our thoughts quickly turned to panic since the pipe runs under the paved driveway.   You can believe we both started praying that the brake was somewhere close to the house...At least all the water made it a little easier for Dewey to dig down to the pipe.  For hours I applied him with water and hot chocolate trying to keep him warm feeling really bad cuz I couldn't help.  Into the evening he was able to find a little hole in the bottom of the tee where the faucet connected to the pipe.  (Yes, we turned the water off before starting)  It was all he could do for the least we weren't losing anymore water...but can you image how long it must have been running for it to come up 4 feet to the top of the ground making what appeared to be a huge ice skating area? sigh!!!
As we changed close to head for the store to purchase water for us to use I had a terrible fall on the sidewalk...head ankle twisted and down I went.  I am hurting even today from that, but no broken bones thank God!! 
Low and behold the next morning a call came from his son and sil saying they were at Lowes and wanting to know what size pipe, fittings etc we would need to fix it.   Two hours later they rolled in and Lee jumped into the hole Dewey had dug and fixed it.   During the night the pile of dirt that had been extracted from the hole had frozen we had to go by can't image how many places we went before we found a place that had soil indoors out of the frigid weather...Big Lots..ehehhee!!! 
It's amazing that thru all that we knew it would be ok...God was with us thru it all..he gave Dewey the strength to continue digging down where the water and ground was so gold he couldn't feel his hands.   I missed Church but HE was with us...Isn't it awesome that our Father can be everywhere helping us all at the same time...What a God we serve!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another cold day, but my heart is warm!!!

It's about 28 here this morning snow still clinging to the trees, but inside I have the fireplace going and there's a feeling of peace and joy. I've completed 3 different swaps for AFA group, and thought I'd share them with you! I do hope and pray you all are well, and having a wonderful God filled day.

All through the day my thoughts include HIM, I'm sure that's how we all feel, holding him close so we can hear what he has to share with us....((Hugs))

3 of these are for the Cat and Heart Swap the 4th an extra

three of these are for the Look Out Swap the rest are extras

Three of these are for  A Winter Wonderland Swap
the rest are extras...printed on photo paper

Sunday, January 16, 2011

God's awesome sky

No matter where we are or what time of day or night it is we are blessed with so much beauty created by our Saviour! As hubby and I headed to shop for groceries yesterday I captured these awesome photos on the way. Breathtaking wouldn't you agree?

Last year my hubby discovered 5 little kittens living near his shop...he began feeding & watering them since no one else was.  Eventually they realized he wasn't going to hurt them and started coming inside to visit and take a little nap!   It was a good thing for now he lets them stay inside at night when the weather is so cold.  Here are three of them.

Blessings for a great week ahead...God loves you and so do I!!!  ((((hugs))))

Friday, January 14, 2011

From my home to yours!

I know it's been some time since I last posted, but I've been down with my back so have been catching up on some crocheting and knitting (this I can do on the sofa or recliner)  It's been so very cold out the past couple days what with the windchill  factor.  We've gotten just a little snow while everyone around us from GA to Boston got more than usual! We are very thankful that we've been spared because I don't think my dear hubby could shovel it off.  Last year he cleared 47 inches in one day...I don't know where he got the energy other than he knew that snow was way too heavy for our roof to stand.  PTL we've been spared (so far) that much this year.  I was mentioning some scarves I've made in the past week so I'm going to share them with you.  I extend my prayers that wherever you live you're warm, safe and happy with life wrapped up in God's awesome arms!!

Here is another photo of the Christmas Cactus that's been blooming since before Christmas...what a blessing for this started out as a little starter plant from my dad's home after he died...that's been about 17 yrs..

Blessings my dear friends...Have an awesome weekend!!! (((Hugs)))

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