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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No ride on Sat!

You know we all have things that stop us in our tracts like what happened to us on Saturday.  As we left the house to take our usual ride, I noticed a sissing sound at the end of the house...We found that the outside free standing faucet (it's hard for me to discribe) was leaking water...then we discovered all the water laying on top of the ground from the house down towards the woodline....a very long way!  Yep, we had a leak somewhere from the well to the house...our thoughts quickly turned to panic since the pipe runs under the paved driveway.   You can believe we both started praying that the brake was somewhere close to the house...At least all the water made it a little easier for Dewey to dig down to the pipe.  For hours I applied him with water and hot chocolate trying to keep him warm feeling really bad cuz I couldn't help.  Into the evening he was able to find a little hole in the bottom of the tee where the faucet connected to the pipe.  (Yes, we turned the water off before starting)  It was all he could do for the least we weren't losing anymore water...but can you image how long it must have been running for it to come up 4 feet to the top of the ground making what appeared to be a huge ice skating area? sigh!!!
As we changed close to head for the store to purchase water for us to use I had a terrible fall on the sidewalk...head ankle twisted and down I went.  I am hurting even today from that, but no broken bones thank God!! 
Low and behold the next morning a call came from his son and sil saying they were at Lowes and wanting to know what size pipe, fittings etc we would need to fix it.   Two hours later they rolled in and Lee jumped into the hole Dewey had dug and fixed it.   During the night the pile of dirt that had been extracted from the hole had frozen we had to go by can't image how many places we went before we found a place that had soil indoors out of the frigid weather...Big Lots..ehehhee!!! 
It's amazing that thru all that we knew it would be ok...God was with us thru it all..he gave Dewey the strength to continue digging down where the water and ground was so gold he couldn't feel his hands.   I missed Church but HE was with us...Isn't it awesome that our Father can be everywhere helping us all at the same time...What a God we serve!!!
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