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Monday, August 30, 2010

More photos of our home

Ok we've just about finished the painting on our home. I got into the act by doint all the small trim around the windows...getting up a ladder takes some effort, but I did it...weeeee. We still have the huge start that goes between the two sets of shutters in front.. Then an eagle above the front door. Once we've power washed the deck we'll re-stand it.
Isn't it a great feeling when you complete a big job especially when it turns our great??? Now to do the outbuilding and the garage...Yikes..ehehehe!!!
I'm gonna need the upcoming visit with my sister Mary...going down to GA Oct. 16th then we are gonna drive down to NC for a Christian Retreat. No feeding the dogs or more remodeling for at least 10 days..ehehehe!!! If you haven't visited my sister's awesome blog you must...she's a terrific artist and uses her visual journaling to share her love for our Abba Father. do check it out...Sure hope you all have an awesome week creating things that make you and others smile!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lookie what I found!!!

I'm happy to be apart of this awesome blog and enter in the about you???

Two posts in one day!!! :)

Here are some photos I just took of 6 hummers flying around then grabbing something to drink...they looked like they were playing tag...flying from the front to the back deck where there's another feeder..ehehhe!!! What a delight to see them everyday..I'm so blessed!!

I've been painting little ACEO/atcs this morning as well...yep I've been up since 5:30 and making good use of every minute..ehehehe!!!

I'm sharing a couple photos

Well our weekend was very fruitful in that my hubby was able to get most of our home painted. Monday was supposed to be the day to finish up the front...but God had other plans which were indeed more important. He's showed us with wonderful rain since late yesterday, all night and into today!!! Our grass and plants are drinking it up like no tomorrow. I did a happy dance as well because those of us with wells really needed replenishing. Ok back to the house...I have to show you what our little BROWN trailer looked like before we decided to update, and brighten up!!! hehehe

We will be adding burgandy shutters in the front as well as adding the burgandy to the big and little star, and the top board just under the guttering too. We will be having guttering made next year...too much on the pocketbook for now...but I love it...Now to share some of what we are finishing up in the house. We've taken up carpet and replaced with Laminent. (would have preferred wood) sigh!!!
We've created larger beams in the ceiling because the old 1x4s just didn't look real..

We still have more to's a time comsuming project when you aren't a carpenter..hehehehe~~ I give my dear hubby (Dewey) an A+ and then some for all he has accomplished over the past year...that and running his own business...he's my Super Man..hhehehe Can you tell I love him so???

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Here I am with most of the color gone!!!

Thought I'd share a couple photos I took of myself today while taking a little rest's so beautiful today...low humidity, sunny some of the day with little sprinkles now and rained off and on two days before and all night...WE HAVE GREEN GRASS IN THE BACK!!! I can't wait till I get the rest of the reddish color out of my hair, I think one more cutting will do it..must let it grown out a bit before I cut it...or I'll be bald..ehehhehe!!!

This watermelon was the juicest and sweetest we've had all summer!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A little note to my friends!

I've been having a difficult time sitting here online for any length of time because of back and leg pain...not to worry I just wanted to let you know why I don't post as often as I'd like to...I praying for all who suffer with pain as's not easy but we must keep going forward, and doing all that we can to keep's amazing how much my life has changed in just a year...BUT I praise God every morning I'm able to get out of about you??? Blessing to all for a wonderful weekend...(((hugs))) Bevie

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm a little late posting about our Saturday ride..

Well here it is Thursday already and I've yet to show you some of the photos I took on our Saturday drive...last weekend!!! hhehe!! We really had a great day even tho it was really hot and humid. We took in some yard sales as well as stopped at a couple indoor flea markets...didn't buy anything just enjoyed each other's company. I do so cherish our time all along without the pugs...just quiet please once in awhile..eheheh!!! I also painted a couple more little ACEOs to list in my Etsy shop. What can I say they are just so nice to sell for a very low price so people that can't afford a the large canvas paintings they can collect an original piece of art just the same.
I woke this morning feeling tired since Chronic Fatigue has raised it's ugly head several nights this week...isn't it frustrating when you know you are tired so you go to bed at a reasonable time only to find you're lying there for hours with your eyes wide open...I try to be quiet when getting outta bed, but of course the dogs decide they aren't tire either and one by one (3 of them) they jump down to follow me. Thus waking my hubby who really needs his rest. I'm praying for a good nights sleep tonight...and I hope each of you spend your day tomorrow listening to your muse and creating something you really like...I go in for some blood work at 10am (can't even have a cup of coffee Yikes..) then chat with the dr. We spend usually one half to an hour waiting to see her, then another 15 mins in the ROOM waiting...then she spends about 20 mins with me...what's wrong with this picture??? My time is just as valuable as the Doctors isn't yours?? Ok, I'll stop least I got an appointment.

Some pics of our drive...lovely Virginia..and some old barns, houses, geese I've captured on a previous ride. My hubby said, there's an old yellow truck for Mary's there you go Mar...what'cha think??

And here are some of my ACEOs...

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