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Monday, October 12, 2009

Crowabout wk 56

Here is week 56 challenge in Crowabout...we are given a collage sheet from Nancy (2nd photo) and we are to use at least 3 items to create out page. I used 8x10 acrylic paper and acrylic paints, enlarged one of the little horses large enough to make the wanted woman with the guy able to ride him...used yarn for the mane and tail...and found an old pipercub from 1939 when they first came out...what fun this was to do!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

This is for a great cause!!!

Most of you know Pam Carriker who is not only an awesome artist, but a teacher of awesome classes, and wonderful mom and wife...she has great compassion for those suffering with breast cancer as it's hit close to home. A family member has been suffering with it so she's doing something to make a difference. You can go to her ETSY shop via
and find this beautiful print of a painting she did so she could not only give us a beautiful creation by her which in of it's self is a real treat, but the procedes of the sales are going to Breast Cancer awesome it that??? You know I think I'm going to do one as well (not nearly as gorgeous as Pam's, but I feel we all could do our part to help find a cure for this horrific disease!!! Will post mine in a couple days!!!
Don't for get to get yours!!!!

Gut Art with Mystele

Inside cover

Front cover of gut art book!
What fun this Gut Art Class with Mystele is. She's challenging use to really see all that's around us...getting down to our authentic art. I'm loving the process and even finding out more about awesome it that?? ehehehe!!!

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