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Monday, March 26, 2012

ASE Keepin' Creative: A Sweet Treat

ASE Keepin' Creative: A Sweet Treat: Guess what I've been dabbling in???? It's my very first cake (that I made for someone else, anyway)! What do you think? I sure did enjoy mak...

No ride this weekend

Hello, we didn't have our usual weekend drive because it was raining, and my hip was acting up making walking difficult. I guess I should go make the appointment for surgery, but  was hoping it would just go away. heheheh!!  I was supposed to participate in our monthy yardsale at the Ruritan Club however I just couldn't...the hip again.  Church was out as well which really made me feel bad...I hate to miss even one Sunday don't you?  My week seems to go along on a more positive note when I do.

Several things did get done around the house...made a couple more Apple Blossom neckace and earring sets for the up coming Craft Bazzar this coming please say a little prayer for me, if you would, that I sell lots of my crafts.  Gonna take some short scarves even tho it's now SPRING...perhaps some will want to get them now with the low price I'm charging...they've seem to make a big hit with the ladies in my "quilting Group" and in our Church!

                      One new necklace and earrings set

Here are a couple other items I've made...not sure I've shared them here...if so just remember I have no short term memory!!!hehehehe

I know I should close cuz this is already long, but would like to share some photos from my girlfriend, Betty and my fav restaurant in Berryville VA that has such beautiful surrounds, and we often get a glimps of the owner, Sue.  I didn't get photos of all the Christian things she has too. Next time we get to go there..hehe

Talk to you soon, have a blessed week!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

We had an awesome Saturday drive

Ok I have to admit I ate my share of this really delicious appitizer when we stopped in Staunton Virginia...the last town before turning for home.  I'm getting way ahead of myself, sorry.  We left Cross Jct around 9am Sat. and went down old Rt 11 where you see all the little towns and shops instead of Interstate 81.  It was so much fun cuz we stopped at several antique malls.  Here's some of the things we saw...

I thought about getting these for the spare bedroom,
but didn't...
I'd like to share some photos of the little towns we went through too.

This is Strasburg where my sister in law,
Brenda has her State Farm Ins agency!

Brenda's Ins Agency

Saw all kinds of homes and beautiful blossoms too

Kewl little shop

Awesome tree blooming!

Loved this Big Home!

I can just image the family living in this home
over the year!

AND, the one thing I purchased...isn't this a lovely
handpainted vase?
Well I think I've added more than enough today...
Blessings as you start out this week, enjoying all
that God has given you...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Good morning, it's again sunny and promising to be another warm day.  We had rain during the night, and this morning the grass is so much greener...weeeee Spring's gentle face is peeking all around us here in VA.  Hope March doesn't end with a roaring Lion, but just turns away like a Lamb.  Yesterday would have been our Dad's 97th Birthday had he lived.  Our mom, Donna will be 94 April 26th....I'm going to visit her next's been over a month since I've seen her cuz of my being sick...Oh glory day I'm happy to be feeling better.

I'd misplaced my cell phone last Sunday somewhere between Church and home...with the short term memory problem I can't remember where tho.  Dewey took me to Sprint to see if we could get a new one...seems I didn't have insurance to cover the phone, just the battery.  I am eligible for an upgrade in May so we came home and found one of my earlier phones so they could activate it to use till then.   Course there were so many phone numbers missing...didn't take me long to add them tho..."Smile"

Well, I have much to do today, get groceries, make more jewelry, get some ATCS finished and mailed...and oh yes, clean house..Which one do you think I'll do first??  Yep, finish my coffee and complete the ATC for Patti Koosed in Creative Souls and get it off a day late. Bad!

Here are some of the Apple Blossom creations I've done.  Winchester, VA celebrates with a big luncheon with women sporting there Pink and Green hats...there's a parade, and much more!  I've lived in and around Winchester for more than 20 yrs and haven't attended because of all the walking it entails.  One day perhaps...but I've been involved by selling parking spaces when working for Access Independence. We had prime space for those attending the parade.
Ok I'll hush!   You all have a grand day knowing God is in control of all things, lean on HIS grace and peace!!!

There is more...will post later!

This is Barbara one of the ladies in our Quilting Club
We meet 2 Weds of each month
work on items and break bread together!

My dear friend Joyce who lives just across the Highway from
me.  She's such a delight to know.

And our Sweet Marie...
There are others who's photos I didn't get on Weds..

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What an awesome day

I'm sure many of you are experiencing this wonderful warm weather if you live on the East Coast. It's been in the 80 for three days now, and more in the near future. How awesome it's been to see so many of our Bluebirds already picking from all the birdhouses on most of the fence posts around the back yard. I've seen about 6 sets so far...but we usually have at least 12 sets come back each year...My butterfly bushes are already leafing well as some of the perennials in the flower garden. This is my fav. time of year!!! I think it's all the new growth, the budding and trees and grass turning green. I can't wait getting my little raised beds ready for seeds. I'm going to have 4 more made this month so I'll have 8 12 ft long beds to plant many of our fav. vegetables. I plan to can everything this year, God willing. It's possible I'll have to have my right hip replaced...grrrrr!! I think I'm truely becoming Bionic..eheheh!!! Already have both knees replaced...Now a hip, does this mean my body parts are getting younger??? NOT.. I had a great chat with my little sister over the phone today...she's been really sick, and is beginning to feel a bit better. She's sporting a new do too, but she's the Hot Momma...not me..ehhehehe!!!

Doesn't Mar look awesome with this purple in her hair???
Check out her awesome blog

Ok, here's a picture of my light brown hair cut very short by Moi...I always cut my own...doesn't cost me a dime!!!
Of  course the color didn't take at the temples!

I like it!

Now just look at all those wrinkles,
psssst. I earned everyone of them too...hehehe

Share more making jewelry to celebrate Winchester, VA's
Apple Blossom Festival the beginning of May!
Our colors have always been  PINK & GREEN
will share some jewelry tomorrow...time to get off now..ehehhe
Blessings to all of my dear friends, may God's awesome grace and peace be with you!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good morning!

After much thought and soul searching I've realized that I've let so many things get in the way of what I really should be doing.  Unfortunately I have a very slow computer so I spend way too much time sitting here trying to "catch up" on all my friends blogs without success then push myself to fit in what I need to be doing here at home.   Actually it's more than that.  I need to digress a bit to explain what's going on inside me.  When I found myself out of a job in 2005 wondering what in the world am I going to do with myself I believed turning to painting and making jewelry would fill the void.  Sure I've loved painting and will continue to do some along the new road I'm taking, but I'm not going to let it take over my life like I've let it say how can that be.  If you knew me you would know what I'm talking about.  You see, I have always been a perfectionist of sorts...early in my life I never completed anything so when I got older it was very important to do more than just I'm finding the important things for me is my home, my family and my relationship with my Father...I've been trying to do it all and I just can't.   When I tell friends I got disability not because of Fibro, or any of the bothersome things that go along with it, it was my severe memory loss.  It was causing me so much stress while still working that I think I was actually very close to a nervous breakdown.  Now I find I'm causing myself needless stress by trying to keep up with all that the Net offers us.  It's more than I can deal with.  I tend to go full force into everything I do...does that make sence to you my dear friends???  Well, I haven't been feeling well for the past couple weeks, infact I put off having my mom come to stay for awhile because I just didn't feel well.  I believe I need to take some steps backwards, and take a good look at what I'm doing to myself....yes I say that because I've allowed all the "things" I've been involved with to take appears going to Church and being here for those around me have taken a backseat to all that I've been trying to do on the net.   It's been a pleasure meeting so many awesomely talented people and hope I can stay in touch with many of you as I take some time to get myself back on track... I've been convicted by my Comforter that I need to spend time being there for my family and myself and those around me instead of just going thru the motions.  I'm not saying goodbye, but I am going to say I'll see you later.....I love you and want to be the woman God wants me to be.

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