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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What a cold day we are having

Hello my dear friends!  I apologize for not being around much for the past couple weeks.  Way too many tests just to find out I'm getting old..eheheh!!!  First my Neurologist told me I had severe neuropathy in both feet and legs up to the knees after doing EEGs.  Then all the blood tests came in ruling out many things, and confirming others.  I do not have Lyme Disease like my sister, Mary and her daughter, Megan does.  The pain has been the Fibro that I've had for more than 30 yrs.  I am borderline have changed my diet drastically cutting back on carbos and just about cutting out all sugar.  I feel better, and have already seen a drop in weight... So many things are going to be better.  We won't be fixing Thanksgiving Dinner here at home Thursday because we have been invited out to a friends home.  Sharree and Ken usually invite us to a big Christmas bash, but this year they plan to be away so they are doing Thanksgiving instead.  They have an awesome home, absolutely gorgeous, and I love going there to see how she's decorated it each year.  She and her hubby own several Gyms... and are really fit, and gorgeous!!!
Well, I'm going to try to share some of my new paintings before I post's hoping each and everyone of you have a Blessed Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas Holiday remembering that Christ Jesus' Birth is the reason for the Season....What a wonderful Blessing He is to all of us who believe HE died for all of our sin on that old Cross so long ago at Calvary!!!  Hugs to all.  Sorry I haven't been able to add photos...don't know why...will check into it.

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Am married to a great guy and we've raised 5 of his and my children...they have blessed us with 14 grandchildren.  My passion is creating all forms of art, and handmade jewelry.  On the side I still make some bouquets for weddings and enjoy playing with our 3 pugs.  Living in the mountains gives us such a sense of freedom as we are on 5 acres filled with tall old trees surrounding our little home...we have all kinds of wildlife visiting us daily!!!

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