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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Missy is doing fine!

I"m here to give you all an update on Missy's surgery yesterday....although she was in the operating room almost 5 hrs, all went well so much so that she was able to go home this afternoon.  I know she was happy about that cuz that's where she can feel comfort and rest.  Skip is taking very good care of her...I hope to get over after my sale this weekend.  I wanted to add some of the new jewelry I've been making all week...finally found the cord needed to download them.eheheh~~  Yeppie!!!

love this little creation with rose charm added and
earrings to match
lovely large brass chain with huge round brass pendant
with three different charms added
pearl cabachons with brass fish spacers

 Brass & Copper

Brass hearts with Amethyst beads

Just a couple of those I made...sold 2 while posting them to FB!!
am feeling very blessed today.  my daughter doing well, and selling some
Jewelry...praying the sale this weekend goes well too!
Blessings to all who come to visit this blog!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Please pray for Missy!

It's 1:18 in the morning, and I'm unable to sleep. (Pain pills do that to me if I take them too late) So instead of keeping my dh up I came in the puter room to do some research, and to meditate on my youngest daughter's surgery this morning. Most of you know about her rare muscle disease (one of the 40 followed by Muscular Dystrophy)  Well that muscle disease is attacking her heart.  Her heart rate is down to 30 so her Cardiologist is going to put a Fibulator in  after doing a Heart Cath to make sure there's no blockages.  Missy has always been a private person one who doesn't say much, but I find she has great faith in God.  I'd completely forgotten the time so many years ago when she got up and went forward in a Church we went to in Berryville.  (it really upsets me that I can't remember such important things especially about my children)  She shared with me the other day after I asked her if she was saved, Mom God is and always has been in control of all things in my life...I don't doubt that HE will be with me through yet another trial.  Praise be to God for  HIS peace and grace in our lives. 
So I ask that you please hold her close in your prayers today!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good morning!

Isn't it amazing how the days seem to drift by so quickly as you get older?  ehehhe!  We will be taking a little Saturday drive in a little's supposed to be sunny and's around 40 degrees right now. 
My flower bed which has half perennials and have annuals is looking pretty good because of all the rain we've had here in VA.   I don't have everything I want in my veggie garden yet, but what's there, squash, cucs, tomatoes and peppers are growing strong.  Will get some photos later today, and post them if I can find the cord to my camera...just don't know what I did with it when I changed everything around in my studio.  Yea, that memory is going south!!!
Have a great weekend folks!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A new Computer

I'm sitting here still learning about my new computer.  The 24 inch screen and on plug is all there is to it...everything is in the screen...have lots of USB plugins around this screen...can't believe how easy everything is...wonderful have Windows 7!!!
I haven't had all my old saved documents or photos uploaded from the old tower...but will have them in a couple days.  Hope all you Momma's had a wonderful Mother's Day spending time with family.  We had a quiet one...hubby still getting over the Whooping Cough and dealing with a strained back...he forgets he's not superman!!!
I on the other hand am just down right clumbsy!  Was trying to get a large picture with frame off a shelf her in my studio when one of the pugs bumped up agains't me and caused me to drop it...right on my left foot...ouchy!!  This happened almost 2 wks ago, but didn't have it looked at till seeing Dewey's Dr yesterday....yep it's probably broken, but will not be casted since it happened too long ago...just compression bandage to stablize it.  BIG lump on top of foot and 5 black and blue toes..and around the side too.  Am able to wear flip flops no shoes..Oh well, what can I say, I'm a clutz...
Will be sharing some more jewelry soon, and some photos taken on our last Sat drive~~
Blessings to all of you and be safe if you are traveling on the ya!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Puter is down!

Good morning my friends...I'm at a friends house using her computer so I could share what's going on...Yep , my puter decided it had enough and took an extending nap.   John, a computer guru at a place where I used to work took a look at, updated it and we thought it would work when I took it home and hooked it up.  NO it didn't.  Was doing the same thing it did before.  The browser wouldn't work.  I am feeling so blessed right now for when I went back to pick up the tower I was told, "you are expecting" and instantly I could visualize myself at the ripe old age of 69 being pregnant...NOT!  Diane, my dear friend when I worked at Access Independence as their bookkeeper and has remained friends after we moved to Cross Junction 5 yrs ago...(she goes to Church where I go)  Anyway she looked at me and said AI was buying a brand new computer for me with a 20inch flat screen monitor, with Windows 7   Well you can imagine how stunned I was, and then the tears started streaming down my face.  She said I sure hope those are tears of Joy!  Indeed they seems she's in charge of "Roll Your Own" every year, (that's where the disabled go up against normals who have been given a wheelchair...and they race.  Money is put in a fund to help disabled persons...I evidentually qualifiy for it thru that!   There are many Centers for Independant Living in and around Virginia, and I'm sure in other states...they are advocates for those who need accessibilities such as wider doorways for wheelchairs, ramps, lifts just all kinds of things...don't forget to check in your area if there is a need for someone you know with disability...I like to say I'm physically so many ways.hehehe!!!
Well, gotta finish up all the things I need to do here on my firends computer...and will back online in about a week from my brand new puter!!!!  love you all.

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