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Monday, February 28, 2011

In the beginning

It's been oh I guess 6 yrs now that I've been painting in earnest, and I'm going to be putting many of those still hanging on my spare room wall in a lovely shop in another town...I'm hoping to sell them so I can add to our finances. Life has gotten very hard for many of us because of the economy, but even more now because of the tension in the Middle East.  I pray for all involved that the bloodshed stops...In the very beginning God said their would be wars, and even helped many to win.  Yes, war has been around for a very long a small child I can remember my dad dressed in his Navy uniform, and him getting ready to go overseas, but a wonderful thing happened...the war ended in the early 40's so he wasn't sent into harms way.  May of us have family and friends who've found in the preceeding wars with our prayers holding them all close.  I wait for the day when war is done with, all are in Heaven living with our Heavenly Father...that gives us much hope doesn't it???  I sure do me.  All through history people have struggled with something, but I'm confident God's promises will come true..aren't you? 
I feel a bit weepy today for those who have gone in wars and those who are dealing with cancers and pain....I"m thankful God knows everyone's needs cuz I'd be praying all day long without a break if HE didn't..there are so many on my prayer list.  Blessings to each of you for new hope and peace as we go towards one another and your neighbors being there for those who need a little help..My faith keeps me strong how about you??
Here's a couple canvas paintings I've done over the past 5 yrs..give me a shout if there's one you really like!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sharing the music and heart of Matt Browne

Many of you know I have a precious sister named, Mary Freeman.  She has an awesome blog, and shares all that God is doing in her live, and in fact He's using her more and more!!
If you haven't do visit her blog
When visiting her in Georgia every year or two I have the priviledge of going to Church with her family. I must say the very first time I was surprised to meet several of the young pastors, one of which stood out for me, Matt Browne a wonderful husband and father, and an awesome man on fire for our Lord!! I always left with the feeling that God surely has an open vessel in Matt. Well, Mary shared with me earlier today that Matt has a new CD out and I would like to introduce you to him via his website where you can actually listen to the songs and if so motivated purchase it right there...I listened with such awe at how his love for the Lord came thru loud and clear!!!

Enjoy!!! (((hugs)))

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drum Roll....and the 2 winners are!!!

Good morning I've been up since 6am anxious to put all the names in this huge bowl (I use to make Bread and Butter pickles in) heheh  Ok, I'll stop teasing.. There are 164 names there!!!
The first winner is!!

Congrats to you Betty!!!

Congrats to you Jody!!!
I just want to thank everyone who participated in this awesome OWOH giveaway, and big thanks to Lisa for birthing this great idea to bring bloggers from all over the world together!  It's been a real pleasure to meet so many awesome bloggers!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Celebrating my 68th Birthday!

My hubby and best friend took me out to a lovely Birthday dinner on Friday the 4th rather than on my BD the 5th as the weather report was iffy as to another snowfall.  We sure had a great meal, and got home around 7pm. Saturday it was very cloudy and fog that lasted all day!!  I'm still not walking well after last Saturday's being in on my Birthday wasn't bad at all...what more could I ask for with my 3 pugs, fat cat, and my hubby to share the day watching old westerns..eheheh~!  Actually saw some I'd not seen before (is that possible)  I don't watch TV much, don't even have my DVD hooked up!!  I do when I"m knitting or crocheting...did a couple new scarves and hats that match...One of the hats has three different crocheted flowers making the hat a little different each time you wear it...gonna add them to etsy...brb gonna go take a photo of them so I can show's amazing how you can crochet sitting up, or propped up in a Williams position which takes the pressure of a hurting back!!! Kewl...

This photo shows the 3 flower pins

I love purple with grey!

Beautiful to see the sun coming up this morning!!!

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