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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Look at the snow we got yesterday!!! "October"

It's amazing how the weather has changed in the last year...Who would of thought VA would get a big snow storm in October???  Way back in the 1800's we had one, and in 1979 we had a dusting...but this was amazing in that the first flakes to drop the size of a small pancake...not kiddin!!  It rained first then turned into snow during the night...snowed most the day yesterday...then the sun came up this morning and once the temp reached above freezing the snow began to are some photos from earling this morning!!!
Off the front deck
Look at the leaves!

Out in front of our home

The trees were beautiful but so full of wet snow
many branches fell off causing problems

Just look at the fall leaves with the snow on them

 I took this photo of our roses just the day before!!
Blessings to all for a safe and productive week ahead..
Remember who loves us most!!!
Our Father!!!



Sharing awesome artisans thru our blogs

These artisans will be featured on "Share the Love Blog" through On Fire for Handmade created by Anne Hopfer on check it out there, then post each artisan for one week...starts this coming Tuesday Nov 1st to Nov 8th...enjoy!!! or on the On Fire Website Blog

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We've enjoyed driving around the mountains and surrounding towns!

It's wonderful to share all these photos of the changing leaves on all the trees in the mountains of VA.  We've covered areas up near where we live that we've never seen so the photos were really fun to take...hope you like them too!

The Church I attend

Just look at that color change!

This the entrance to our house

I can just visualize the family who lived here many years ago~

A fun Shop to visit!

We love to own this old house..huh

This place is usually filled with families picking out their
pumpkins...there's far more inside...All kinds of apples and baked goods. Yummm

The weather is changing up here in the mountains. COLD!!!

I deleted the last post cuz all the photos of the jewelry I'd created in the past 2 wks were not good at they are looking a bit better....Have a wonderful Friday and upcoming weekend! 

I am so happy to find a place where I can get lovely charms, pendants,
spacers and chains for a great price, and that I'm able to
share that savings with you by pricing items, and sets much lower!!!
Blessings for a wonderful weeked.

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Am married to a great guy and we've raised 5 of his and my children...they have blessed us with 14 grandchildren.  My passion is creating all forms of art, and handmade jewelry.  On the side I still make some bouquets for weddings and enjoy playing with our 3 pugs.  Living in the mountains gives us such a sense of freedom as we are on 5 acres filled with tall old trees surrounding our little home...we have all kinds of wildlife visiting us daily!!!

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