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Thursday, January 30, 2014

I finally got on my blog....

Hello out there in Blog Land!  It's been way too long since I've posted on this blog...hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and your New Year is starting out find.  I know so many of us are dealing with sub-0 temps...we've gotten more snow than in past years, but the bitter cold and ice has caused so many problems.   For me, I'm not walking very well of late, so getting out by myself isn't happening.  Dewey does take me out so I don't feel like a complete shut in..heheheh   I have to admit I've had way too many falls, and am full of old and new bruises.  Last month I feel right into the dogs water bowl, and am just seeing the 8 inch in diameter bruise on my left hip and butt going away...then just the other day I was taking a shower, and wouldn't you know I feel out of the tub.  Hit the bad right knew on the floor, and the left leg behing the knee on the tub...2 beautiful blue and purple bruises slowly coming out..  Since having what the dr calls little mini strokes (where some veins in the back of the head has dried up because my blood was too thick)  Now that I'm on a baby aspirin daily I think it's better.  Well that's whats been going on in my life, it's a wonder my hubby hasn't suggested I be put in a nursing home..eheheh  I think he would be lonely tho...sure hope so. I'm on my way to bed now, do have a great evening at your home.  Blessings, as we believe in our Father to lead us as we go thru things in life...I do!!!

Dewey daugher, Lisa gave me 
this gorgeous necklace and earring set 
for Christmas...

Fun little 11x14 acrylic painting
did it in less than 1 hr.

Love this Fall acrylic painting
on 16x20 Canvas

This is called, beautiful ribbons

16x20 acrylic on canvas board.

Loved doing this 16x20 acrylic painting
on Canvas

I'm still working on this one
16x20 acrylic on canvas board

Acrylic painting 

The Wreath Artist: Decorative Mesh Wreaths - Quick, Easy and WOW factor for christmas

The Wreath Artist: Decorative Mesh Wreaths - Quick, Easy and WOW factor for christmas

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