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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How has your day been??

Here it is 5pm, and I'm thinking what in the world will I fix for dinner...ehehhe!! By evening with all the high temps we've been experiencing I don't have the energy to do much cooking...but I do have a hubby who's been working all day and deserves something good for him, right? He called a little while ago to say not to cook anything...we'd just have a salad with all our veggies from the garden...I'm thinking I'll cut up some Swiss Chard, and 2 kinds of lettuce I've grown on the front deck...cucs, onions and tomatoes all from our raised beds then I'll add nuts, dried cranberries and make a lovely vinagarette dressing Top it off with grilled chicken and call it a meal...what'cha think??? Come on over I can make enough for an army!!! hhehehe
Ok, I was up at 5am got my hubby off to work then settled down at the dining room table creating some more little ACEOs & ATCs...I put two in my etsy shop the day before yesterday...they are featured in the last post here, and the sold!!! Wow that was quick, and the first two I've ever sold...yep...guess I've been creating the wrong kind..hehhehe!!

Here are a couple I did today one of which is for my precious little sister, Mary...if you haven't checked out her blog please do.

This is a painted I'd started when visiting her in GA last year...she finally finished it, and it's awesome...once you visit you will be following her I"m sure cuz she has much to share!!!

Here's a couple journal pages prepped and ready to create on!!!

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