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Monday, June 3, 2013

After Dewey's surgery!

There are many great hospitals all over the word, but I have to admit the people at UVA are exceptionally kind and caring!  Everyone we came into contact with there treated us as if we'd been friends for a very long time!  Dewey's date for surgery was changed because the first too tests to be done were scheduled to be done on Memorial Day!  NOT!!! heheh So we left home around 7am on Tuesday the 28th got to Charlottesville by 10:30 in time to check in at the Red Roof Inn not far from the hospital.  It wasn't the cheapest one, but it was close enough so if I needed to drive I could find it.  Yea, still having problems finding my way around when I don't remember where we were!  I felt so sorry for my  hubby having to have the one of those tests to rule out an blood clots cuz it's not an easy one to go thru...but he was a trooper, and didn't complain at all!
Weds we left the motel at 6am for his 7am surgery which didn't start till 10:30...couldn't believe he had to wait that long.  It took only 5 hrs once they started and recover took about 2 hrs.  He was in good spirits when he got to his room, and his surgeon, Mike  Mangrum said even tho they found more problems to fix it went really well.  Later I was told people come from all over the world to have him treat them. How awesome is that!!! 
We were released around 11:30 the following day and got home about 3 hrs later...he's been resting since we got home, but taking little walks throughout the day.  He thinks he's going into the shop tomorrow, but I really don't think he should.  Doctor said to take things easy for it would be about a month before he's up to par.....make a man listen to that is like making a dog stop chasing cats!
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