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Monday, June 3, 2013

Blessings to all!

to make a long story short Dewey's Atrial Fib went into full Flutter and the shock treatments didn't put his heart back in rhythm so he was put on Multaq and blood thinners hoping it would work.  It didn't so we had a consult with Dr. Mangnam @ UVA last Monday then go back for 2 tests the day before his actual surgery to put his heart back in rhythm.  We will need all the strength we can munster to drive down on the 27th (leaving at 3am) then come back home the same day...then drive down again on the 28th (leaving again at 3am)  for the surgery.  We've been told this is a 7 hr surgery so he will have to stay over one night...It's a good thing I'll be getting a shot in my hip on the 9th, and pray that it works right away so the riding won't be so hurtful!  We are asking for pray know full well that only God can give us a positive outcome....Please keep Dewey close will ya?

I wanted to share a couple photos I've taken in the last couple days...Blessings, and have a wonderful weekend!!!

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