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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good morning!!!

It's sunny and snowing here in VA..hhehhe  we haven't gotten more than an inch or two over the winter, but it appears we will have a sizable snow on Weds...since Dewey is still having problems with A'Fib it would be difficult for him to shovel snow...I will try, but my back have been giving me a fit for months now...going to have another shot lasted 3 mos last time!!!
Well, I've been making ATC cards after a long hiatus.  I wanted to share the one I received from Stacey Merrill in our Creative Soul's Ning group for Jan/Feb trade.  It was birds/flowers.  I went with birds and Stacey went with flowers and boy she did an awesome atc.
From Stacey Merrill
Here's the one I sent her
Thought I'd add a couple other atcs I've created and posted in Flickr
as well as some birds around the feeders here at home!!!
Birdhouse ATC

Bluebird atc

Wow mixed media atc

a little downy woodpecker visiting our birdfeeder

And this is a crocheted orange dress I wore when I was about 10 mos.
my Aunt Susan crocheted it!!
Well, I'm gonna say goodbye for today but will post again after Dewey
has his Heart shocked again tomorrow..
Our heart goes out to Dewey's dear friend, Wayne who is battling for his
life after having a heart attack.
Prayers are on going for all our family and friends with medical issues too!!!
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