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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What an awesome day!!!

Today is much like yesterday, cool, low humitity, breezy and a glimpse of days to come! I am so thankful for being in an area where you can see all the seasons~ I can sit out on the deck and create paintings with all God's glory around me...the trees starting to fall and the sun shining down on me unlike any other light!!! Oh and the birds just singing their hearts out as I what joy this brings to my soul!!! As I take in all that beauty as my lungs take in the clear, clean and crisp air I'm reminded that I have been so totally blessed. Not with worldly things, far from it...but with the knowledge that God loves me as much as he does all of you...isn't that just the most awesome fact??? I was sitting here thinking I would like to share some of the paintings I've do lately...perhaps even some of the chunky book pages I've become so enamired with.(sp) hehehee!!! so here they are...just remember I pray that you all have a wonderful day, and if I haven't stopped by your blogs lately...I will!!

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