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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Craft Shop yesterday!!!

Yep, I was feeling well enough to set up at another Craft Show this time at a Church near home.  So happy to meet all the great ladies who kept this Show running smoothly!   Angie not only is a member there, but also attends my Church with her husband every Sunday before attending her Church. Our Church lets out at 10:30 and her's starts at 11:00 so next week I'm going to join her...
I did very well selling not only jewelry, but some paintings and knitted scarves.  I just want to say, Prayer is so Powerful....for the past 3 wks things have been almost to a stand still at my hubby's shop, but God does always provide for our needs...I made enough to get our groceries for the week...Praise be to God...
Here are a couple photos of the sale...
This little guy is the son of the gal in purple..we used to work together
He loved his hat and scarf!

Cute,,,,the table holds my jewelry

some people looking for something!

Had to show you the sunrise I captured on the way to the Sale

Just awesome - Shangrala's Akiane Child Prodigy! - Shangrala's Akiane Child Prodigy!
This young girl is awesome, and her love for God is most important to her!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life has sure been busy lately

So many things have taken a front seat the past few weeks, but most important was going into surgery for a Hysteroscopy and D&C yesterday....for the last month I've know the doctor doing the surgery was about 97% sure I had ovarian cancer!  Whatever was found I know God would give us the strength to handle it.  There was this awesome peace way down deep inside be that only God could give, and we all know Prayer is Power!!!  Am happy to say the dr was wrong!! He did find Polyps and took them all out.  Yay...God peace and grace outshines anything!!!  I"m home resting some for I think they took my old legs and tied them in a hips feel like that's what happened..hehehehe!!! 

I have many scriptures from the Bible I love,  but the one my friend, Nancy Williamson from  "Footprints from the Potter's Home"  My sweet sister, Mary went to one of their awesome retreats several years ago...and at the end we all sat around the big bondfire after the sun went down...what an awesome feeling came over me that night...I could feel God's presence and knew these girls were being used my HIM.  I was given a scripture from them that I really needed...because of things in my past it really spoke to my heart...made me realize that the past must be delt with then left the past...oh we never forget, but we need to put those "bad" feelings about ourselves behind us to leave room for all the things God has for us in the future...I totally believe I have and am so very thankful~~~  this scripture I've shared before, but am going to do so again...for it's as much a part of me as the Lord's Prayer!!  This was on my lips as I was put to sleep for my surgery....and I woke with them in my Heart!!!

Peace I leave with you,
my peace I give unto you:
 not as the world giveth,
give I unto you. 
Let not your heart be troubled,
neither let it be afraid.

John 14:27

this is for everyone who believes Jesus died on the Cross at Calvary for all our Sins. Putting all that is written in the Bible into practice in your lives as you try to be more like day our Lord will come again and I honestly pray it's in my time...what a glorious sighting that would be...I pray that those who have heard the truth, but haven't accepted HIM as their Lord and Saviour make that decision now, accept that free gift!

Look what an awesome place for a Retreat!!!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Studio Tricot Ara

Studio Tricot Ara
If you love knitting and/or crocheting then don't miss this awesome sale!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Annual Sams Family Reunion

We so enjoy meeting up with Dewey's bros and sisters and their extended families.  Dewey and I decided to take Rt 42 up to Goshen, VA because there's so much more to see...well what should have taken us 3 hrs ended up taking a little over 4.  I sure was good to see all the smiling faces when we arrived.  Our son, Lee and his 2 kids were already there as well.   There was so much food (as usual) and they were happy to see I did my meatballs again this year.  The expected rains didn't hold off as long as they were supposed to...we were hit with a down pour at 3 so everyone decided to pack up and head home.  Took us another 4+ hrs to get back home.  Not a trip we should make all in one day wouldn't you say?  
Some photos of new jewelry created last week.  Blessings!!


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