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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm so happy Spring is here!

Many of us are so happy to see warm weather after the severe cold we had here on the East Coast. Living up here in the mountains of VA we saw more snow than those living in the City.  Shoveling is something I can't do anymore, and it's difficult for Dewey to do now days.  Sure would be great if our grandsons would come help once in awhile.  Seems they are always too busy, so we just don't ask...and it's not as if we don't offer to pay them...heheh  
Ok I've been having a problem with my balance and little mini driving and walking around is really difficult.  So sitting and working at the computer and painting is what I do most...those little dust bunnies are running all over the house these days, course Dewey tries to help.  Poor guy is such a great helper...always remembers to help me out of the car, and hold my hand when crossing the street...gets the heavy stuff out of the car after he takes me to the grocery store.  Sigh!!  I hate to be such a bother, but he assures me he doesn't mind...Could I be more blessed, NO. We have gotten closer as time goes by...I can't believe we've been married almost 31 years.  

Just a couple photos of some recent paintings and zens...Blessing to all my friends who find time to stop by. 
Peace and grace!

some painting for sale at a 
recent Bazzar

Sold some jewelry too

a large painting for sale

sold many of those scarves

One of my Black & White 
Zentangles on 9x12 paper

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