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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Potter's House Retreat

Hearts were touched, and changed! The presence of God was felt by must go visit this awesome blog where you can decide if it's the place you'd like to visit for a couple days learning to listen to God thru Bible study! Blessings to all. I'm unable to post any photos of our weekend, but you can see some of what my sister, Mary captured.
I hope you are able to use this link to Nancy's blog.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I"m on my way!

It's 7 am and I'm ready to leave for the airport (in 2hrs) As most of you know I'm heading to GA to spend 10 days with my very talented sister, Mary. We'll have some time to get all the talking outta the way (tee hee) then we'll head out for the Potter's House Retreat in NC. We are both really excited about this lovely adventure. So I won't be posting for at least 10 days...Do have an awesome week my friends creating all kinds of things with the talent God has given you...(((hugs)))

Oh, I posted this little 3 piece set some time ago, but the photo was terrible..this one is a little better.. This too is an expression of my love for the Lord!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sharing God's beautiful landscapes

I've said it before, and can't help saying it again...Just think of what our Father in Heaven has provided for all of us. It goes beyond the beauty we see as we travel around the country, the trees, wildflowers, wildlife even the rocks, streams, and rivers! He provides all things for those who stop and listen to HIS guidance thru our Holy Spirit, and believe thru faith that HIS word gives us all the answers to our lives. He lives right inside us...just how awesome is that?? I'm feeling such joy in my heart knowing He's there and I'm finally truly listening...are you??

I've been playing around with copper again..eheheh!!! I don't know why, but there's something that draws me to it. Haven't a clue what tho...May you each have a blessed week full of Joy, Happiness, thru God's grace and Love!!! I love you too!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just a little something I've been playing around with...

I've been making some earrings and a couple necklaces that I haven't listed anywhere yet...although they are all gemstones with Sterling Silver I'm going to put them on my etsy shop for a very reasonable price since everyone is feeling the effects of our off kilter economy right now...
Our ride today took up in the mountains of WV where we were blessed to see many yard sales (Yea) and awesome colors along the mountain gonna post some photos as soon as I download them~ Have a beautiful Sunday tomorrow!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just wanted to say hi!!

Time has been going by faster and faster as I get older and older..ehehhe!! Sound familiar? Hubby and I have 5 grown children between us all married but the youngest. She had a tube put in her ear today so I went to meet her to make sure she was ok...we had a great lunch at Cracker Barrel. As you know my other daughter has been on her Honeymoon this week~! We have grandchildren ranging from 2 to 17! Yep, I can hardly believe the past 28 yrs has passed seeming more like 10...I'm not complaining cuz I love my family and all the grandkids, but I've been thinking lately why I'm feeling I need to be doing something more....I'm loving painting and making jewelry, but God has been speaking to me in my quiet time each more telling me I should be reaching out to others helping those in need. Since I've been home the past few years unable to work I guess I thought there was little I could really do....walking and driving is difficult at times, but I'm not complaining I just need to be doing more to share God's love with all.

Then God gave me an idea...It's perfect!!! I'm going to be going to the nursing home in town to visit those who don't have family visiting often, reading to those who can't anymore. What in the world was I think, there are so many things we can do even if we have some short comings..ehehhehe!!! So, I will go to my sister's in GA, and have a wonderful visit with her, and her family then go to the Potter's House Retreat in NC with her. When I come home I'll be doing what I do best..Visiting with others and maybe even share my art with some...I"m so excited!!! I"d love to hear what you do to serve our Lord.
Blessings for a wonderful FALL.

Here's a little painting I did a couple weeks ago but forgot to share.

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