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Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Etsy Giveaway going on!

I just visiting a kewl blog where they are advertizing a beautiful pair of handwired, turquoise earrings as a giveaway on visit that and see all about it.  I would love to win them myself even though I make jewelry as they are lovely!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Awaiting on God's guidance.

You know things happen in life that doesn't make much sense however, we need to be able to react with the knowledge that God is in control of's been a trying week for us as the guy Dewey was renting from the past couple years asked him to leave on Friday!  He had approched Dewey with a new contract that had things in it that Dewey couldn't agree to.  A million dollars of insurance on the building he was using was one insurance co. would ever insure that old building for that much money.  Secondly Dewey was to pay $700.00 a mo for a full year after if there was a fire.  So I would imagine that was the reason to have him move.  Move to where?? Everything was moved to our storage building and garage at home.  Because we are in a Homeowner's we cannot work out of our home,but we could continue to tow for the County we live in.  That's a good thing!  We've been looking at a house that's available in the County where he was working making it possible to build a shop and work from home there!  We're waiting for God's guidance in this matter.  It's a strange thing to have this happen when things are really tight already, but we aren't afraid at all because we know God is in control of our lives....we've put it all at HIS feet....Blessings to all those who find themselves in a similar situation...(((hugs))) Bevie
Dewey clearing limbs to be able to get tow truck through with cars.


Early morning sky on Saturday

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We had a great Saturday drive

I forgot my camera for our Saturday drive so I'll show you the jewelry I did yesterday instead..heheh!!  I love creating unique little sets...this one goes so well with several of my own outfits that I may have to keep it for myself.  I purchased the little 4mm swarovski crystal beads from China off Ebay for just 99 cents.  It's amazing how many awesome spacers, and gemstones one can get for under a dollar with free shipping too!!!  I'm loving everything I've gotten so far!!

Royal blue swarovski 4mm crystals with beautiful spacers and earring findings!

I love the color of these swarovski pearls

Beautiful SS earrings with pink swarovski pearls...yum!!

My hubby is spoiling me, he's still doing most of the cooking when he doesn't take me out for dinner.  (he's quite good at it too.)  Today was my day for OP therapy and I have to say they put me through the paces.  The minute I got home I had to ice my leg as it was really sore, but we are getting the bend we want so it's really a good thing..heheh  Now, I'm going to get busy, and post a couple photos, then get some things done around here. Blessings to all!! Bevie!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've been home a week!!

It's so good to get back to doing the things I love doing!  I've truly missed blogging and visiting all my friends blogs...please forgive me for not getting to all those I've made friends with along the way.  It's been just over 2 wks since my TKR and things really are getting back to normal.  This week my daughter, Missy came on Weds to take me to the 3 appts I have with several drs plus O.P. therapy...that's today and I know they will be putting me through the paces.hehehhe!!  I never thought my leg would have swollen as much after the surgery and the bruising was over the whole let. Yikes, it's finally fading away.  The minute I woke from the surgery I was very sore, but no pain to speak of.  All that horrible pain I was living with for so many years is totally gone!  What a blessing that is.  I can actually walk without a limp!!  Now to get stronger so I can get healthier!!! Yea!!!
Blessings to all you out in Blog Land will be visiting each of you in the next couple days!!!  Love ya!!!
This leg was 3 times that of the other one!
Not a pretty site, staples removed yesterday!

Taken last Saturday after getting home from Hospital.
Beautiful flowers.

We captured this young female deer on the side
of the road will riding Saturday

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