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Thursday, June 20, 2013

This is what I looked like the day after I had a terrible fall in the flower garden.  Dewey tried to catch me, but couldn't  I was on the sidewalk when I lost my balance and fell, and wouldn't you know I couldn't fall on the newly worked soil, I had to hit the bottom of the rod iron plant hanger which slit my head wide open.  I was knocked out for a minute, then Dewey helped me into the house where I cleaned myself up, and saw that a butterfly Band-Aid wasn't going to the ER we went, and as you can see I had to have 4 stitches. The worst of it was the needles to numb the area!
Today the headache is gone and I'm feeling much better even though I still look gross, I'm heading out to the grocery store so we will have something to eat this week..eheheh

Here's some of my latest paintings!  Blessings to all who happen by!!!

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